June 23, 2024


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Davis Cup 2022: Spain will face Serbia, Canada and Korea in the Davis Cup.

Davis Cup 2022: Spain will face Serbia, Canada and Korea in the Davis Cup.

AndHe The Spanish Davis Cup team plays in the group stage in Valencia Against Canada, Serbia and Korea In some of the eliminator rounds that provide access to the finals to be played in Malaga from November 21st to 27th.

The Malaga Museum hosted the official draw for the 2022 Davis Cup Group . Spain will face Group B of Canada, Serbia and the Republic of Korea in some matches from September 14 to 18. The top two in each group will advance to the November finals in Malaga.

Valencia and its pavilion La Fondetta de Sant Lus, the usual Valencia basketball court, can seat 8,500 people., Will host Spain’s matches in this group. Spain will host from September 14 to 18 with Italy (Bologna), Germany (Hamburg) and Great Britain (Glasgow).

In Group A, Italy, Croatia, Argentina and Sweden are the rivals. In group C, The pair are joined by Germany, France, Australia and Belgium. In Group D, Great Britain will receive the United States, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

According to Efe, attended the draw Board of Education and Sports Councilor, Manuel Alejandro Gardinette; Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, Borja Vivas, Director of Sports at Diputasian de Malaga; City Councilor for Culture and Sports, Nolia Losada; In addition to David Hogerti, President of the International Tennis Federation and representatives of the organization Cosmos, Jose Maria Arabel, Secretary General of the Board’s Sports.

Gardenette hailed November as “a land where the tennis family as a whole understands all the needs of the game” and “the tennis capital of the world”; He has also said The Andalusians are “interested in this game”Note that two of the six salad bowls Spain achieved were in Seville.

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For its part, “The eight best teams in the world will try to stay in Malaga,” de la Torre pointed out. He also believes that “Spain can be here.”