June 10, 2023


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Do you dare The North American country is one of the most attractive places to work because it is common to see advertisements inviting you to emigrate to that country, but what is really needed There, what are the criteria?

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Provides good pay with the aim of making migration more attractive as Canada’s population ages. It is common to see job advertisements for various professional areas that open up the possibility of obtaining permanent residency. Do you know what the requirements are?

VRita Benkhalti, CEO of North Horizon Immigration, one of the companies authorized to provide advice to persons seeking permanent residency in Canada, promised that the main reason was to increase work capacity to cope with the aging population.

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Why is Canada trying to catch foreigners?

Rita Bencalti, CEO of North Horizon Immigration, one of the companies authorized to provide advice to persons seeking permanent residency in Canada, told the media. The North American nation must always ensure that there are enough people to settle in the country and sustain the economy.

He added that many more retirees will come in the next 5 years. “This is a worrying situation, because if enough people are not working, who is going to pay taxes to maintain social status and well-being in their pensions?”, He promised..

An attractive place to live in Canada (photo: planetaexplorer.com)

What are the requirements for obtaining residency in Canada?

Requirements for applying for and living in Canada for skilled labor programs, although dependent on each location that offers vacancies, have a general requirement:

  • Manage the English language (intermediate or fully advanced).

Other common requirements for qualifying for work and living in Canada are:

  • Must not be over 35 years old.
  • Three years work experience.
  • Undergraduate and / or postgraduate studies.

While there are opportunities for all kinds of jobs in Canada, the technology and healthcare sectors are in high demand. This is not to say that those with no higher education or technical skills such as carpentry cannot qualify for work in Canada with a view to applying for permanent residency.

If you wish to apply, it is recommended to seek a consultant from the Canadian government or from recognized organizations, as each province has its own immigration program, but it is usually organized at the federal level and has the appropriate documentation for each position. .

What happens if I am over 35?

If you are no longer the best working age for Canada until the age of 35, the country will open its doors to those who want to invest in the country and those who want to create jobs.

How is Canada’s population growth?

Canada’s population growth is slow – 1.1 children per family, according to the data . While the global average is 9%, 18% of the population is over 65 years of age. To maintain the workforce, relocation programs must be implemented on a global call.

Canada has a population of 38,246,108 and a very low population density of 4 people per kilometer.

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