June 13, 2024


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This is what Canada will do with the astronauts who commit crimes on the moon

This is what Canada will do with the astronauts who commit crimes on the moon

Last Thursday, the Canadian Parliament approved a change in the North American penal code that allows astronauts to commit crimes on the moon.

The 443-page budget, which was tabled in the Canadian House of Representatives last week, included a change of law approved by 181 votes to 144.

For its part, Ottawa has already expanded its jurisdiction over the crimes committed by astronauts during space travel to the International Space Station. Under the new law, crimes on the moon will be treated the same as in Canada.

However, this change comes at a time when the number of spacecraft is increasing More than 50 years before the first human journey to the moonIts launch is scheduled for May 2024, with the Canadian astronaut aboard the Artemis II spacecraft.

Action will also be taken against foreign astronauts who pose a “threat to the life or safety of a Canadian crew member.” – Photo: Getty Images

This new law states that so far Canadian astronauts have had complete freedom to operate in space. Also, there are no consequences or penalties.

Lunar Gateway Work

Subtitled The Lunar Gateway, the Penal Code Amendment states: “During a space flight, a member of the Canadian team who committed an act or misconduct outside of Canada would be considered a criminal offense in Canada. Or left in Canada.

This includes Crimes at the Lunar Gateway Space Station preparing to orbit or the moon, And “on the surface of the moon”, according to the document.

Foreign astronauts who pose a “threat to the life or safety of a Canadian crew member” during Canadian-sponsored space travel may also be prosecuted.

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The Canadian Space Agency is partnering with the European Space Agency and the Japan Space Agency on the US NASA Lunar Gateway Project.

Starting in 2026, the station will serve as a starting point for robotic and human exploration of the lunar surface and missions to Mars, AFP reports.

The mission will orbit the moon permanently and include blocks and space that can be explored by up to four astronauts.

The space crew will be able to live and work on the gateway for up to three months, according to the portal La Sexta..

In addition, the CSA says these astronauts can occasionally carry out scientific operations on the lunar surface and “test new technologies.”

According to forecasts, between now and 2027, all lunar gateway modules will be created, and throughout 2028, the site will be orbited during the manned Artemis 7 expedition.

History of crime in orbit

The 2019 space crime controversy first arose when NASA astronaut Anne McLean was accused by her ex-husband while on a six-month mission to the International Space Station. Improper access to bank records from orbit. However, he was later acquitted and his ex-partner was charged with making false statements.

While this did not have a direct effect on space operations, it did raise questions about the need for legislation because, with the rapid development of space operations, it is “reasonable to expect an increase in crime in orbit in the future.” Ram Jaku is a professor of aerospace law at McGill University.

It said crimes such as homicides, hijacking of transport vehicles and detonation of nuclear devices in orbit could be up to, but it would be logical and compelling for such rules to be the same for all humans traveling in space, even if they are from different territories. Jaku pointed out.

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