May 28, 2024


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“Don’t Forget Where You Are Coming”: Julian Cornell’s Message After Working in Various Businesses in Canada

Taken from Instagram koronel10

Julian Coronal is a member of the ‘Los Condors Coco Y Coronal’ choir. His bankruptcy last year led him to reevaluate his living conditions and emigrate to Canada in search of new frontiers. With this, he continued to respond to his company’s financial problems and wages, without neglecting his collaborators.

In a recent interview with the entertainment show ‘La Red’, he described his journey from being a successful singer to doing various jobs in a country in response to the financial obligations left by the epidemic.

“I had my business, I owned a family hardware store for 12 years, in which we brought goods from Canada and Panama, where we had vendors across the country. When the closures start and you start to have paychecks, you start paying rent, they don’t send goods, you start to look bad. Sellers are going to charge customers, not moneyThe artist said in his story.

As a result of the epidemic, Coronal went bankrupt in his hardware store and had to sell over time the assets he had purchased in response to various obligations he had with creditors and workers in his business.

As soon as the trips open, I decide to go abroad, there is a friend of mine who owns a cleaning company in Canada and he says to me ‘Partner, if you do not regret me, I will give you a job. Here ‘. In that one and a half year I sold everything, for one and a half years without an invoice, I borrowed, and already borrowed that money from my children, rent, services and rent until I paid my rent, so I said we would do it, “said the ‘La Red’ artist.

Instagram taken by koronell10
Instagram taken by koronell10

Julian decided to move to Canada without a second thought, where his best friend was waiting to lend him a hand at his legally established cleaning company, who sent him to different locations day and night, and helped him rent for 15 days. And the singer took care of their food.

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“He worked in two shifts in a factory from 7 to 3 and from 4 to 12 at night. Sometimes I got work in the warehouse, I had to clean it in the morning, because it was a frozen warehouse I had to wear all the elements, and the work was 30 minutes inside and 15 minutes outside because the cold was severe.“The singer said for the gossip of the charcoal carol.

The hardest thing he experienced was working long hours in a shopping center and museums, where he started working from 7am and worked overtime until 5pm.

“There were 4 sites, I cleaned the glass, I cleaned the glass. My respect for the people who clean everywhere, it is very difficult. One day they called me at 1am and told me to get up early if I had to.Added a former member of “Los Condors de Chipco”.

He never regretted doing this kind of work because he promised he would not steal, on the contrary, he felt he was making money with dignity. He returned to the country to resume his life so that he could fulfill his new dreams and he was able to fulfill his financial obligations with great effort and dedication.

“Don’t forget where you came from, humility. My eldest son said it was to be enjoyed. It’s hard to be alone there. “Julian Coronal finished for the film ‘La Red’.

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