April 22, 2024


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Viral Mexican for owning a masonry and luxury home in Canada

(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)

In recent days it has gone viral Diego Saul Raina, A 36 year old Mexican It’s old Lives in Canada, For a video he posted on YouTube. This is not the first time he has published, as he has hundreds of uploaders on his account over the past five years. But now what catches your eye is one thing Shows his house located in the exclusive area, Near a lake. That’s the trigger for celebrity He was a mason, Then shows the acquisition of a person with his business accessible in the North.

“My new home in Canada, ASI LIVE THE IMIGRANTS” is the name of a 20-minute clip that Diego posted on his YouTube account a month ago, which accidentally had about two million subscribers. The idea of ​​the video is to take a tour of your new home in which you describe in detail every part of the house.

Property with large space and plenty of rooms, as Diego points out, cost, $ 740 thousand Canadian dollars (About 12 million pesos). To buy it, he gave an advance of 40% of the total value.

(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)
(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)

However, what needs to be emphasized is that, beyond housing, what has caught everyone’s attention is that Diego has repeatedly stated that he is committed to being a mason, not getting paid more than the minimum wage in Mexico.

Diego is also YouTube. On his social networks like Instagram, he has reached nearly 200 thousand followers, he shows the classic blades, thereby recognizing the owners of accounts that reach the number of subscribers who have installed the video site. The video of his new home alone has already recorded more than 1.4 million views.

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On his journey to record his daily life on social networks, Diego first revealed that he hails from the Mexican state of Chiapas, where he searched for the best quality of life in Canada at the age of 16. Soil.

(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)
(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)

So he lived with the family he first adopted. They helped him learn the language and adapt to its culture. He finished high school there, and then began the work he considered the right job for him: a mason.

Then love knocked on his door: he met a Canadian woman named Katrina, with whom he is now married and they have two children.

Among many other things, one of Diego’s main objectives is to have his videos on different platforms: to guide his comrades and to let Mexicans know what it is like to immigrate to another country.

And some of the lessons it touches on are how it was embraced; Pros and cons of living in Canada; How did you learn English; Or how are your medical appointments as an immigrant. Unfortunately, as he says, he has fallen victim to discrimination either because of his appearance or because of his profession. The evidence is on your side as well.

(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)
(Youtube: Diego Saul Reyna Spanish)

Prior to his YouTube account, he only uploaded his content on Facebook. But on one occasion, he said, “I have received countless requests for interviews on different platforms: news, radio, the Internet in English and Spanish; The only social network I had at the time led to having many followers on Facebook.

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Later, he decided to open an account on the video platform that holds hundreds of videos, which established him as an internet star.

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