June 23, 2024


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Hija de Tongo will represent Peru at the Opera Festival in Canada

Hija de Tongo will represent Peru at the Opera Festival in Canada

Hija de Tongo stands out for his talent for the opera. (Photo: Composition)

Tong In the Peruvian show business he stands out for his interesting and fun themes; However, his daughters shine with their own light. Name this method Madeleine CuttersThe last heir of the singer.

The Daughter of Tank Opera stands out for its commitment and his talent in North America. He used his social networks to be recognized at an important international talent show.

Madeleine Cutters He will be a meso-soprano singer and Peruvian representative as part of the Opera Nua Festival in Canada. According to her Instagram account, the young woman has been a part of the National Music and Winchero Academy in New York.

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He wrote an emotional message on his social network, with a photo of himself attending a Canadian ceremony. “The most beautiful thing to read in this is: Lima-Peru. Our voices travel and make themselves heard. As true Latinos, we have never had it easy, but we always succeed because we work hard.” Wrote passionately.

Tongo's daughter announces participation.  (Photo: Instagram)
Tongo’s daughter announces participation. (Photo: Instagram)

Currently, the young woman is already in North America. Madeleine shared pictures of her recent stay in which she coexisted with her classmates and a portion of her classes were seen before her presentation.

“My colleagues Cabos and the whole company are fully aware of you. The stage director and composer have been working together since this first rehearsal and the opera has already been performed twice in full. Singing an opera again is wonderful, especially the melody. Glad to have fulfilled the dream of singing for the first time in North America. That two-day trip was worth it, “he wrote with a reel of videos and photos.

Although he began his career, daughter Tong He was recognized for his artistic work. It was the municipality of the district San Miguel Who adorned her with a city medal for being a young ambassador of culture.

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“It simply came to our notice then. As a young ambassador of culture I was decorated with a city medal by my San Miguel district. I would like to thank the @ethelsalass Councilor of the Municipality for making this immense honor and award possible, without which it would not have been possible. Thank you “He wrote on his Instagram account in May this year.

Recognized in San Miguel, daughter of Tongo.  (Photo: Instagram)
Recognized in San Miguel, daughter of Tongo. (Photo: Instagram)

Madline She is a very active young woman on her social networks. In your account Instagram From day to day he shares part of his musical work, his presentations and his rehearsals. Little by little he seeks to make a name for himself in opera. On the other hand, the young woman shows some photos with her boyfriend who comes with her in her music career.

Tongo’s daughter shows off her talent at the opera. (Video: Instagram)

It should be noted that daughters Jose Abelardo Gutierrez Have expressed artistic talent. Cynthia Guttierez is another of Tongo’s daughters, and she’s involved in music, although she’s firmly in pop and urban.

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