July 25, 2024


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Evertz is relocating Studer production from Hungary to Canada

Evertz is relocating Studer production from Hungary to Canada

Study audio The consoles will begin production at the brand headquarters recently acquired by Evertz Ewards In Canada, thus leaving facilities located in Hungary.

Confirmed action by Ewards By itself, it is a part “Long-term planIt aims to “create the next generation of products that will meet the needs of future customers” in broadcasting, live entertainment / concert, sports, e-games, arenas, arenas and cult markets.

Founded in 1948 in Switzerland. Student Initially it produced professional tape decks and analog consoles, but when it was purchased it began to produce digital composite consoles. Harman International Industries In 1994. A solid record and the rigor of this equipment led to the purchase of Everts a few months ago. Currently, the Canadian company has already integrated Studer Audio products Read Vista Or Infinity Core With it Software limited video networking (SDVN) Solutions. In this way, Evertz provides a “complete solution” for orchestration, monitoring and analysis of audio and video.

Sylvester won, Vice President of Software Systems, says that this will not be the only change referring to the studio, as Evertz is committed to “developing high-quality audio products and solutions” as “the current maids of this renowned brand”.

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