June 23, 2024


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Federal court of Canada denies entry into Puigdemont country for second time | Spain

Catalan ‘Express’ Carlos Puigdemont at the European Parliament in Brussels this Monday.Franாங்கois Wallskirts / AFP

The Federal Court of Canada denied this Former President கட்டலான் Carlos Puigdemont Immigration officials who refused his travel permit decided that he had acted appropriately because he had not provided the information he had asked for and entered the country.

Although the sentence was not known until this Tuesday, the federal court announced its decision on September 22nd. In the text of the sentence, a Canadian court insists on several occasions that Puigdemont was flooded with “massive 400-page mail” to Canadian authorities instead of presenting the “simple information” requested “three times”.

According to the judge in the case, F மத்தியktemond’s insistence on sending “more than 400 pages” was why the federal court refused to allow the former president of Catalonia’s Generalitவுக்கு to review his case, which is why he could not answer the “simple and direct” questions of immigration officials. Confirms barrier to travel.

In the judgment, the Federal Court creates a complete account beginning February 26, 2019 Puigdemont requested an electronic travel authorization To go to Canada, where he was invited by Sovereign Black Quebecus. Judge, on first request, The Former President He denied any wrongdoing, despite an international arrest warrant issued by Spanish authorities for alleged insurgency and fraud.

At the second request, Puigdemont changed his response, but the court said his words “make sense” and dropped the charges against him. “While it is true that the deportation request will be denied in Germany, it appears that the charges filed in Spain have not been dropped. As expected, the immigration officer continued the investigation to find out more about the allegations,” the court explained.

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The officer asked Puigdemont for a document describing the charges he was facing by Spanish judicial officials (whether it was an arrest warrant or a copy of the indictment), extracts from Spanish laws related to his case, and the Spanish politician’s explanation of the facts he had predicted.

Puigdemont’s response to that particular request for information was “about 300 pages, in no particular order, sent by three emails.” The immigration officer asked Puigdemont again for specific information and he replied “another 86 page email” without any explanation or code.

For the third time, the officer sought additional information because “the documents provided establish the charges against him in Spain and indicate that the criminal process is still pending”, which means that he is not allowed to enter Canada.

Puigdemont’s response was to send 72 pages from the Supreme Court of Spain dated March 2018 to the official without “any further information” to explain the content. It was at that point that the immigration officer rejected Puigdemont’s entry request on October 29, 2019.

The Federal Court held that “instead of answering the simple questions and answering the requested information, the plaintiff provided a substantial amount of paper without even providing a simple answer to such a simple question.” The Federal Court concluded that “this decision (refusing to enter the country of Puigdemont) is reasonable, transparent and understandable.”