April 24, 2024


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Cuba beat Canada in U-21 Volleyball World Cup – Juventus Rebel

The Cuban under-21 volleyball team could not sustain their victory after a couple of smiles against Cameroon and the Asian team after their victory over their teammate from Bahrain in the first round of the World Cup. The Bulgarian capital Sofia faced off again this Tuesday following a second round of fighting at its main headquarters.

In the final round of this excellent comfort round, the Canadian team clearly overcame three sets to zero with areas of 25-21, 25-21 and 25-17.

Statistics for the game against the North this Wednesday, shared by the Championship website, show the Cuban team, which again fell victim to its own mistakes, contributing 32 points to the opposite cause.

On the other hand, Canada outperformed Greater Antilles in attack (28-34) and in service (0-3), although Cuba was better at blocking, nine points six.

Man-to-man fell to Vector Andre with 10 points, the best among Antilles volleyball players, followed by Jose Miguel Gutierrez with nine places. For Canadians, Samuel Cooper was the best at offense with 12 lines.

The disciples of Jesus Cruz can hope to position themselves ninth in the competition, but in order to do so they must win the next final scheduled for Saturday, October 2, the match between Thailand and Iran; If they lose this match, they will be properly lined up to discuss the eleventh place of the fight.

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