April 22, 2024


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Formula E returns to Canada

After a controversial first step on the streets of Montreal and five years away, Formula E will return to Canada in 2022, this time in Vancouver.

All power series were announced on Thursday with the release of its provisional schedule for the 2021-2022 season. The proposed route, which is not approved by the Federation International DL Automobile (FIA), will cross Falls Creek Bay and be the centerpiece of the long weekend three-day festival. Feast day. Canada, July 1-3

The race will take place on Saturday, July 2, and will be conducted by the Montreal Bar Association OSS, which estimates it could create 3,000 jobs. The $ 80 million project received the unanimous support of the Vancouver City Council last April.

“The real work is now underway,” OSS President and CEO Matthew Carter said in a statement following the FE announcement. We will open an office in Vancouver where we will employ Vancouver residents in as many key roles as possible.

Make people forget a defeat

Under the administration of former Mayor Denise Coder, the FE and OSS will try to make people forget the Montreal scale organized in 2017. Although the event was a success from a sports perspective, it provoked the anger of Montreal residents, especially due to traffic problems and access to shops and homes.

Mayor Valerie Plante put an end to the adventure after her election, at the start of a $ 13.55 million deficit. Advertisers for the upcoming event in Western Canada say they have done their homework and want to avoid repeating past mistakes.

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“One of our main tasks is to work closely with the city of Vancouver and its residents. [du secteur] Make sure the event stays here year after year, whether it’s charging stations, facility upgrades or hot items, ”Carter said.

In addition to Vancouver, Seoul, South Korea and Cape Town, South Africa are also entering the World Championship calendar, recording 16 races next season.

One of the “best events” in the history of FE Montreal?

Although the two-handed Montreal Ebrix project angered some Montreals and made headlines for the wrong reasons, the racers were a lot of fun along the way.

During the single paragraph of the series in the metropolis of Quebec, Sebastian Piumi was already driving for the E.Toms team in 2016-2017, then directed by Renault. He arrived in Montreal 10 points ahead of the drivers ’stand before these two season-ending events.

However, the reigning world champion was disqualified for a car mishap after the first race and finished 11th the next day. As a result, Lucas de Grossi was crowned champion.

This is not a bar, Bumi has fond memories of the event.

“I think Montreal is a great event in Formula E history,” he said bluntly during a video conference on Thursday. The design was interesting. We hope to be able to make another good tour of Vancouver. Since I have never been, I am eager to find the city. “

“Personally, I ‘ve never been to Canada, and in turn Nissan E.Toms acknowledged his teammate at Oliver Roland. I’ ve heard a lot of good things, so I’m excited to go.

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Until FE returns to Canada, motor sports enthusiasts will be able to join TVA Sport this weekend to watch the New York eBrix on Saturdays and Sundays.

2022 Season Schedule

January 28: Tria (Saudi Arabia)

January 29: Tria (Saudi Arabia)

February 12: Mexico City (Mexico)

February 26: Cape Town (South Africa) *

March 19: The right place must be confirmed (China)

April 9: Rome (Italy)

April 30: Monaco

May 14: Berlin (Germany)

June 4: Place to be confirmed

July 2: Vancouver, Canada *

July 16: New York (USA)

July 17: New York (USA)

July 30: London (England)

July 31: London (England)

August 15: Seoul (South Korea) *

August 15: Seoul (South Korea) *

* Subject to round approval