July 24, 2024


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Glitter is not all gold in Canada

Glitter is not all gold in Canada

Canada often enjoys good press, especially compared to its powerful neighbors in the South. Its current prime minister, the young and handsome Justin Trudeau, travels the world as if he had never broken a plate. But the truth is, his country also has a dark side, like the others, no matter how much it is hidden under the fluffy red carpet of goodness.

The discovery in May of a grave containing the remains of 215 children on land owned by a former boarding school for tribal youth in the British Columbia province shook the conscience of well-thought-out Canadians. The Kamloops, which were open between 1890 and 1969, were mostly Catholics, all over the country for no other purpose than to unite the young tribal population into a white male organization.


Children were taken away from their parents and locked up for many years in these boarding schools, where they were subjected to all sorts of punishment, loss, humiliation, humiliation and abuse, as well as sexual abuse, thus losing their own identity, language, beliefs and culture. . This horrific system has been branded a “cultural genocide”, with 751 graves in another boarding school at the end of June, especially after it was discovered without cause. All in all, thousands of cases have already been reported, but none other than the tip of the iceberg has yet been discovered.

If Canada enjoys good press overall, let alone Quebec, there is a lot of talk about its French-speaking province, which also has a hidden dark side. The Quebec National Assembly approved in June 2019 by 62 votes to 42 in favor of a law requiring new and more stringent immigration requirements. As a result, 18,100 immigration applications were abruptly canceled, affecting 50,000 people. Many of the rejected applicants were French. Given Cowell’s tendency to idealize the linguistic and cultural ties they believe they share with the Quebecs, it is not surprising that there were many, especially when he visited Montreal in 1967, shouted Charles de Cole “Long live free Quebec!”.

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After losing two referendums (in 1980 and 1995), the independence movement in Quebec is now sluggish, while they think like the economic boom in Toronto or the train of western provinces like British Columbia or Alberta. This evidence may be enough for the Quebecs to question their own identity because their origins are not in Franco, as they believe.

On May 29, demonstrations took place across France to defend regional languages ​​against the Constitutional Council’s veto on language immersion. Thousands of activists rallied to defend Breton, Occitan, Alsatian, Catalan, Basque and Corsican, which were precisely the leagues, with the exception of the French, in which the first Quebecs understood each other. (In the languages ​​of the captured natives, little or nothing is said).

In 1794, Abe Grogoyer declared himself an adversary of the regional languages ​​(patois), After a national study, was able to establish that French is the mother tongue of three million French citizens. Abe Grogoyer felt that if de Gaulle came to the conclusion that he could not manage a country with 800 cheeses, as Macron is now learning, it was necessary to continue with it to guarantee the future of a united and better France. Deleting all those annoying phrases.

In 1863 the army found that only a quarter of the recruits spoke, so they did not file a bad case against Abe. patois. Like Quebec in Quebec, it still had a long way to go before French was established as the common language of all French people.

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The historical, identity and linguistic manipulation carried out by Quebec freedom activists is as spectacular as the damage done to their province. Twenty-five years ago, the famous Quebecian comedian Yuvan Deshchamps summed up the second Quebec: “What the Quebecs really want is freedom within a strong and united Canada.” nothing.