April 22, 2024


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Federal Court of Canada refuses to allow Carlos Puigdemont to re-enter the country

Canada has refused to allow Carlos Puigdemont to re-enter its territory. As announced by the Francophone newspaper Journal of Montreal, The federal court that defines the former identity as Catalonia’s independent leader, made the decision on September 22, shortly before Puigdemont’s brief arrest in Sardinia.

Yves-Franசois Blanchett, president of Puig Quebecois, was invited to Puigdemont to visit the country, and the trip was scheduled for the end of October. Puigdemont said it was a “great honor” that the resolution of the cities, according to Canadian Digital, proposed to visit the Blanchett National Assembly.

In his invitation letter dated June 29, the leader of the Black Quebecos thanked Puigdemont for his immunity and for acting as a deputy in the European Parliament, which, in his opinion, gave him the security to travel to Canada. But this situation changed when the EU General Assembly confirmed the revocation of this parliamentary right, as a majority of the European Parliament voted in March.

Journal of Montreal This new judicial situation in Puigdemont is behind the decision of the Federal Court of Canada not to authorize the entry of Puigdemont who had already attempted to travel to North America in 2019. The former president has a case pending in Spain at the hands of the Supreme Court, which has indicted him on various charges.

“After reading many of the documents provided by the applicant to obtain electronic travel authorization, these offenses include rebellion, treason, fraud, disobedience and disobedience,” the judge of the Federal Court of Canada argued. In this case, permission was denied despite admitting in its judgment that there was a suspicion that “this is the only crime and they weigh against the plaintiff.”

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For this reason, the judge stressed that the documents provided by Puigdemont did not fully fully legitimize his “permit on Canadian soil,” so the court decided to uphold the 2019 decision, which he described as “reasonable, transparent and prudent”. Puigdemont’s lawyer in the case, Stephen Handfield, regretted the denial of permission in a message on social media, saying he showed his “respect” for the court’s decision, despite his disappointment.

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