April 24, 2024


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Panamanian CAI and Forge from Canada, measured per call ticket

The Panamanian CAI, coached by Venezuela Francisco Berlow, will try to stabilize his home after scoring zero in the first leg, with the excellent performance of his goalkeeper Caesar Samudio.

La Correra’s Independent Athletics Club (CAI) and Canadian Forge Hamilton are all set to face off in the second round of the second round of the Concacaf League 2021 this Tuesday.

The Panamanian CAI, coached by Venezuela Francisco Berlow, will try to stabilize his home with the excellent performance of his goalkeeper Caesar Samudio after reaching zero balance in the first leg.

The key to the definition was unveiled this Tuesday at the Rod Curve National Stadium in the Panamanian capital, thanks to Daniel Crudson for saving a penalty on the first leg of the first leg at Forge’s home.

The CAI, 2020 Clasura champions will once again get the chance to leave the Canadian club on the road as they did in 2019 against Toronto FC.

The CAI did not report casualties in the fighting. Perlo rested all his arsenal after a draw on the last day of the Panamanian Football League (LPF) and maintains them as head of the Western Division of the Championship.

For its part, the Canadian Forge, already in Panama, will become the traditional spy for the Rod Curve Stadium, a baseball stadium converted to play football this Monday.

The Canadians came into the fray with an anti-Panamanian mentality after defeating the Pacific FC, the leader of the Canadian Premier League, last Saturday.

The Forge players set foot on Panamanian soil with its full list, in the presence of Panamanian Omar Brown, who scored a goal in his team’s last win in the Canadian League, and a key player in that former Confederations Cup. In 2019.

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In that offensive zone, the Canadians will also have Senegalese Eliman Cisse, who pulls the strings in the middle along with the experienced Kyle Becker.

Possible rows:

CAI: Caesar Samudio; Francisco Vance, Omar Cordoba, Abdel Macia, Edgar Condola; Dionicio Bernal, Rafael Acula, Martin Moron, Alexi Palacios; Guido Rose and Hector Hurtado.

Coach: Francisco Berlow.

Forge: Tristan Henry; Dominic Samuel, Jonathan Grant, Daniel Grutson, Kyle Becker; Alexander Achiniodi-Johnson, Guame Ava Elimane Cisse; Wobens Pacius, David Sainier and Tristan Borges.

Coach: Bobby Smirniodis.

Arena: Rod Curve from Panama City.

Time: 17:00 local (Thursday 22:00 GMT).