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Fernando Torres: “Canada wants entry of young English-speaking professionals” | Immigration | The world

One day a white envelope came and slipped under the door. They opened it and it read: “Welcome to your new life ”. His girlfriend had applied for a show after studying at Stanford. Two landed in Vancouver, now there are four. Both of his sons were born in the north of the United States.

Advocate of the Catholic University. Expert in human rights. He was deputy ombudsman in Hunuko. But Fernando Torres came to Canada unnoticed And with the music box you purchased before relocating.

He took a picture and issued a notice. He rendered his services as a Latin percussionist. Two or three days later several groups called him. He then went to work in the basement of Vancouver Airport, where he moved his suitcases. In a dark, dusty and hectic place, he studied English in his spare time. He took a diploma in Native Studies, reached Vancouver County Court and applied to the University of British Columbia. He graduated as a consultant . He went through public administration and today he is the director of his own company that advises on immigration processes.

Live 25 minutes by car or train from the city. Vancouver is often one of the top five cities in the world to live in. A port that is Asia’s gateway to North America, parallel to Hong Kong. I ask him if he will return to Peru. He says immigration is like driving a car. This is looking forward, because if you look a lot in the rearview mirror you left, you will not progress.

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-What is the truth that Canada is a destination looking for and wanting immigrants?

Canada is a small country, despite its regional extension. Has a smaller population than Peru. So, imagine, there is a lot to do with all the regional extensions. That’s good because it allows the quality of life between city and town to remain the same, for example, you may not notice the differences in our southern neighboring United States. It is true that Canada needs people, but above all it needs qualified technicians who can continue to contribute to the Canadian economy to sustain this extraordinary growth of 40 per cent. Canada is a governing country that has produced an efficient immigration system. You have to go to Canada through an organization.

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-What does it mean to come through a system?

Especially in Peru, immigration is the closest thing a neighbor can do in the United States: we have the intention to come and join as much as you can. It does not work in Canada because you are an outcast. The illegal rate is very low, and, it is a bad business because, unlike the United States, it cannot be bought, sold, licensed, or accessed by health systems. There are many doors to go to Canada: if you are a young professional, if you want to come to study, if you have got a job from your own country. Among free trade agreements, Peru has a major advantage.

-What to do to apply?

A self-analysis. A requirement One of the official languages ​​of Canada: English or French. Minimum or intermediate level required. Spanish is not the appropriate language here. Must have higher or technical courses, work experience. Also if you are under the age of 30 and above the above requirements, you can come through the big door, i.e. become a permanent resident from day one. Canada promotes the entry of young English-speaking professionals. On the other hand, there is a lot going on that the number of Peruvians over the age of 45 who want to come has increased by at least 400%; If so, they may come to study first, the spouse comes to work and school-age children are enrolled in Canadian public education; Suppose the minimum budget for a family of four to come to Canada is $ 30,000.

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-All this information is public, how is it accessed?

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Of course. There is a sea of ​​information on Canada’s official website.

-Is it your job to mediate in this process?

I am a Certified Immigration Consultant. I look at Canadian immigration law. I help from a technical point of view. For example, someone tells me: “I’m an engineer, I have a wife, a nurse, two children, this amount of money and I do not know how to get to Canada.” We work with our team to establish a strategy such as who is the best applicant in both groups.

-Why would you say it was successful in Canada?

Because I had no choice. I came in at 30 and at that age I could do some crazy things. I came to the conclusion that I was going to do well. But the word immigration and easy do not fit in a single sentence. You have to have a lot of discipline for immigration and you have to have very dense skin. Immigration is a bold act. I didn’t make the right decision, but we read right every day and got up early. At the airport it started at 4am and I did it for five years and many professionals could not bear it. Things don’t happen fast in immigration.

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Is it true that Canada is one of the best places to live?

Canada ranks in the top five for public education in the world. But it is not heaven. It has problems to solve, but they are not problems in Peru. There are no children on the street, no extreme poverty, everyone has a home, everyone has water and heat. There are cities below 40 degrees where no one dies. Less than five people are unlikely to die in Peru. People pay their taxes and you see them on the street.

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-Will you return to Peru?

We have only returned to Peru once. My goals are two, three years from now; I have no idea what will happen in 10 years.


– “I’m Fernando Bruno Torres Montoya. I’m 46 years old, I was born in Lima. I graduated from high school and entered Catholic university to study law. I specialize in human rights.

– “It took me 12 years to reach where I was. I can say that I have already reached the first section. All I wanted was my freedom. After crossing the Canadian state, I am the director of Fernando Torres Immigration Consulting Services.

– I owe a lot to virtual sites, which gave me the opportunity to meet many people and get to know me through my YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram, where I have many followers. More than two million people have watched my videos.

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