April 24, 2024


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Hugo Perez: “Canada is the best team I’ve ever seen”

Our country’s national football coach, Hugo Ernesto Perez, Kyrie admitted at a special event at the Kyrie Night Club last Sunday that the match against the Canadian representative in Toronto this Wednesday will be the toughest Salvador will face in the FIFA window since September. At the behest of the capital coach, the Rojiplanco team has unseen virtues in the games they have played against the United States and Honduras.

“Canada, the best team in terms of football size we’ve ever seen, they play 3-4-3 system, they are fast, they have very interesting players who make a difference, it will undoubtedly be the toughest game for us in the three we played this month,” National The coach highlighted that he admitted that one of the mistakes his team made in the current World Cup was trying to connect with a team.

“Sometimes it seemed like we were in too much of a hurry, sometimes the bass wasn’t accurate, or it went too strong or it went too smooth, but when we do it right, when we express the clear idea we want, we are dangerous, Walmer (Martinez) in the second half ) There were plays that we did dangerously, but we made hasty decisions and tried to make 40 meter game changes when the ball that dominated towards the opposing goal got better., This is what we need to improve, ”laments.

Despite this, Hugo Perez admitted that he was able to see many positive things against Honduras in Cusco last Sunday and that they should continue.

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I feel like we raised the bar of the football we did last Thursday; But we should mention in the last quarter of the court, I liked what we proposed today (Sunday), but if we do not score, we will not win, but we have to give credit to Honduras, it is not easy competitor, we may have won the last minute of the game, (I’m sorry , Because we did not win, now we have to recover those points, but we’ve not going to complain about the boys’ work, but we have to improve the last third of the court a lot. “

Possible changes

Regarding the reasons why the starting team did not spin much, Perez said emphatically, “It is difficult to switch eight players between one game and another, which is why we tried to control the recovery, but we already planned the changes if we had problems on the court, I think we made some dangerous plays but they were not taken advantage of. It will be achieved if we are effective in attack, but I do not complain, we are trying to play, it is not a team that plays by accident, you need to improve it, “the national strategist stressed.

The national coach knows that the trip to Canada is difficult because it was not done on a charter plane, but rather it was a commercial flight and his concern was the physical recovery of his players after Sunday’s physical exhaustion against Honduras.

“Physical (state) problem, let’s see if there is any problem in it. If we do not achieve it, it is clear that we will make changes (in the opening eleven) against Canada. Unfortunately we will not travel by charter, we will not go together, but in the end we will make a physical recovery at night We need to assess their physical condition on Tuesday, however everyone should be prepared when called, ”Perez said.

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“Tomangius played against Honduras (Roberto) where we can exemplify changes in the wings so they are here, that’s why we picked them,” he said.

Guatemala’s Walter Lopez’s referee and his colleague in Honduras complained at a press conference about the referendum work when Uruguayan Fabian Coyote, Honduras did not allow a convict in favor of Hugo Perez. He was true to his predicament of not commenting on the referee.

“If every person complains that they are respected, they have their own way of analyzing, but I told the players that if he is not going to change (the referee) can get nothing. Now someone is talking, sometimes they object in the game, but in the end you have to respect their decision And keep trying. “