July 15, 2024


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First loss to Honduras Canada: Brian Moya Toronto – Knockout debut out of 10

First loss to Honduras Canada: Brian Moya Toronto – Knockout debut out of 10

The Honduras national team Wants to start its first scene with the right foot on the way to the world Qatar 2022, But not everything went smoothly after the problems came to Canada soon after.

As confirmed Ten, Another difficulty added to the biker was the loss of one of the players for his first elimination match against the maple leaf.

Attack midfielder Brian Moya He is not the first presenter from this commitment to Canada because he is still maintaining his immigration problem to enter the United States and the national team will make a stop in that country before coming to Toronto.

Moya He will be in the game against El Salvador, he has a visa problem to enter the United States, it was a bit difficult, “explained Jose Ernesto Mejia.

It should be remembered that Catracho entered the United States illegally in his youth, and then he married an American, but his practice is still unresolved. Moya will join the Honduran team in Elia Salvador.

Rubio’s arrival

One of the confirmed messages Jonathan Rubio He will arrive earlier than planned for the rally as his team is not active this weekend.

“We are fixing Jonathan Rubio PapersHe has already stamped his visa. They had to go to Madrid; We thank God for putting it all together, “said Jose Ernesto Meja, Fenafut’s secretary.

The steering wheel of Portugal’s second division academy will arrive on Sunday, with the rest moving from Honduras.

If the teacher we have to wait Sexual intercourse Decides to use it for the game against Canada, El Salvador or the United States.

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Fabian Coyote’s plans were to carry out his production in Toronto, but the Canadian government changed plans at the request of the Canadian government.

We are at 98%, There were some difficulties as the Canadian government has many restrictions. The planning needed to be changed, but FIFA and Concacaf were very helpful. God willing, the national team will travel to Toronto on Sunday the 28th.