June 23, 2024


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Four bodies were recovered on the US-Canada border

Crossing the US-Canada border

On the southern border of Canada, four people were killed, including a child and a teenager, meters from the US border. Canadian authorities believe people died in a failed attempt to cross the border with their documents as they tried to cross very large fields due to exposure to very low temperatures.

The Minnesota District Attorney’s Office confirmed they are investigating the case Steve Shand, 47, of Florida, has been arrested on suspicion of plotting to assassinate four people. Shand was arrested while trying to cross the border in a truck in which he hid an undocumented immigrant group. Four bodies were found very close there.

“An investigation is underway into the deaths of four people in Canada and an investigation into a major human trafficking operation in which Shand is suspected to be a part of it,” he confirmed to the press. John StanleySpecial Agent for Homeland Security Inquiries.

It is highlighted in the official documents of the court They have proof that one of the persons hidden in the truck paid a large sum of money to obtain a fake student visa to enter Canada and from there to the United States. At least two of the undocumented immigrants are from India.

U.S. border guards intercepted a truck driven by Shand and searched the area and found four bodies. Although they did not provide identification of the dead, in the same search border officials detained five more Indian nationals without visas to enter the United States and attempted to cross the border into icy Canadian fields.

Crossing the US-Canada border
Crossing the US-Canada border

This group of prisoners confirmed what Shand and knew Walk outside for at least 11 hours in severe snowy weather. In this group, one woman had to be hospitalized for stopping breathing as a result of low temperature. Once in the hospital, his arm was partially amputated. Another person in the group was admitted to the hospital and lost a finger due to frostbite.

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In the statements documented by the court, The prisoners confirmed that the family of the deceased belonged to their group, but that they had been separated overnight. The deceased was wearing winter clothing, but that was not enough to sustain the low temperatures currently experienced in the Northern Hemisphere.

Canadian police are leading the investigation into the deaths because they occurred in their territory, but the bodies were found with the cooperation of U.S. border police.

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