January 31, 2023


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Greater Toronto: Hazel McClellan, Canadian Politician, renews his contract at the age of 101 | International

Hazel McCallion, at her home, in a file image.Keith Beatty (Getty Images)

No one is retiring Hazel McCallion. The Canadian politician, who has been mayor of Mississauga (Ontario) for 36 years, recently celebrated the renewal of his employment contract. At age 101, he will continue to be part of the board of directors of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. Lester b. Pearson Airport, Canada’s busiest airport. He has been holding this post since 2017, where he also serves as the federal government’s representative.

Announcing the continuation of his contract, Union Transport Minister Omar Alcabra underlined his decades of experience in community life and expressed hope that his successes at Canada’s largest airport would continue. In 2019, before the devastation of the epidemic was realized, Lester B. Pearson Airport has served more than 50 million passengers.

Issued with the Order of Canada in 2005, Hazel McCallion is one of the most important political figures in the country. She was mayor Mississauga, the third most populous city in Ontario, on the outskirts of Toronto, Between 1978 and 2014. He decided not to stand for re-election at the age of 93. Her way of managing public affairs and her direct and often humorous tone set her apart. In February 2003, he was hit by a pickup truck. He was hospitalized for two days. After leaving, he announced in front of the microphones: “The truck is still under repair.”

Despite hating campaigning and political donations, McClellan won the referendum 12 times and won re-election twice. The media has branded him a “financial conservative.” One of his most popular phrases during his years as mayor was: “I learned to do things with some resources. For that reason, today I spend taxpayer money on my own, not much of it. The people of Mississauga want it. “However, McClellan has a liberal outlook on other issues. In 2015, he publicly supported Justin Trudeau in the federal election that brought the Liberals to power. Was isolated for a conflict of interest.

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Born in Port-Daniel (Quebec) in 1921, Hazel McCallion graduated as secretary. He has pointed out on various occasions that he did not come to university classes due to the economic crisis of the family. She played ice hockey for a few years in the Women’s Professional League. He later worked in private companies and married a photographer in 1952 (he died in 1997); The couple had three children. McClellan chaired the Anglican Youth Association of Canada. Later, she began to stand alone in municipal politics at a time when there were not many women in the country in that field, until she came to head office in Mississauga.

Hazel McCallion’s agenda is not limited to her activities at the airport agency. On March 17, the University of Toronto announced that McCallion will continue to serve as Special Adviser on its Mississauga campus, which he has held since 2015. On the day of the announcement, university officials described him as “a precious resource”. The Canadian continues to show that the author of his famous nickname did not misunderstand: he has been known as “Hazel Hurricane” for decades.

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