May 24, 2024


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“H” begins Qualidio – Quandario in Canada on August 26th

*** La Biker will not have training and concentration in the Honduran area, so it will do all the work in Toronto.

The Honduras national team travels to Toronto, Canada on Thursday, August 26, to focus and prepare for the first game of the season against the Canadians on September 2.

That way, “H” will not have the training and concentration in Honduran territory, so it will do all the work in Toronto.

The selectors who play in the National League will travel after finishing the day of the local tournament on August 25th. Deybi Flores, “Choco” Lozano, Rigoberto Rivas, Jonathan Rubio and Brian Róchez were summoned.

The National Football Federation of Honduras (FENAFUT) has been working for a few weeks to obtain special permission from the Canadian government to obtain a concentration camp, training departments and, above all, the Football Federation of that country.

The other two calls from Fabian Coyote and the Eliminator for the tournament will be revealed at the end of the weekend, where the Capital Classic between Olympia and Mottagua will be played, with teams contributing the most players nationally.

It is expected to include U-23 players such as Edwin Rodriguez, Luis Palma, Denil Maldonado and Jose Alejandro Reyes.

The participation of footballers like Albert Ellis and Rommel Kyoto, who works, is still in doubt, but it will be difficult for them to reach 100 for these games against Canada, El Salvador and the United States. GO / Hondudiario

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