July 25, 2024


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Canada does not recognize Taliban-led government in Afghanistan Taliban |  Kabul |  The world

Canada does not recognize Taliban-led government in Afghanistan Taliban | Kabul | The world

Acting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed this Tuesday that he would not recognize the government that the Ottawa Taliban would form. , Consider them a “terrorist organization”.

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Speaking to reporters, Trudeau demanded that the rebels, who control Afghanistan, guarantee free access to Kabul airport.

He recalled that the Taliban had replaced the democratically elected government by “force”, which, according to Canadian law, was “a terrorist organization.”

Trudeau added that the goal of Canadian authorities at this time was to ensure that those who feared for their safety were leaving Afghanistan, and that the Taliban “must ensure that people have free access to the airport.”

Last Friday, Canada announced asylum for about 20,000 Afghans, mostly people at risk of death from the fall of the Afghan government, from journalists to activists and members of human rights defenders or minorities.

Canada has previously announced that it will allow thousands of translators and other Afghan staff to immigrate with their families, who have been cooperating with the Canadian military and diplomatic forces in Afghanistan since 2001.

Yesterday, Trudeau revealed that the Canadian Air Force had expelled 34 Canadian diplomats and seven foreign nationals (two foreign diplomats and five NATO workers) from Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said that Canadian authorities have expelled 807 Afghans in recent days, 500 of whom have already arrived in Canada.

Since then, at least two flights with repatriated Canadians and Afghan refugees have arrived in Canada on Monday.

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