April 13, 2024


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Here’s how you can travel to Canada: Learn how to travel to Canada without being torn | புசாரமங்கா | Currently

There are many optionsGo to Canada in search of study, work and residence without being scammed along the way.

The Government of Canada disclosed it Its doors are open for free to those who want to study, work and settle in the country With proof of residence, a Series recommendations.

One of them is applying for a job, which is the purpose Qualified specialists in fields such as engineering and technology And science A Minimum level of English or French B2.

However, for non-professionals or They want to travel with their families, they can do so with a study visa, which will allow them to work for a year and then apply for residency.

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Michael Hicks, Regional Director, USA, Interested in traveling legally without being deceived by certain companies They can check the government website or write you an email Electronic with all doubts [email protected]

“If you are looking for a way to live, it is the easiest and right thing to do Go with B2 level English or French. The most likely way is to go on the path of study, Because they can Read their favorites, then work in Canada for a year and then apply To apartment “, Dijo Hicks.

For those who want to travel to Canada as a family it is possible and, in fact, Children can go to school for free and take turns studying while parents work.

Non-English or French speakers This is one of the main requirements, the possibility of traveling to study is hidden, But to learn to handle both languages ​​they will have to pay extra for the courses.

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