May 28, 2024


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He’s one of the best Mexican promises, but the Canadian coach wants to take him

There are more and more cases of American-born footballers migrating to European football before making their debut in their home countries. The progress made in the scout effort led to the formation of a delegation at an early age for the boys and many were pressured to go to the major clubs of the world before passing adolescence. There are also cases where they end up being “expelled” in search of greater opportunities abroad for their family work or because of economic and / or social realities. Marcelo Flores is enjoying a situation like this, he is one of the best Mexican promises, but he can change the flag whoever he wants.

Marcelo Flores played a few minutes in a friendly against Chile. (EFE)

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Flores was born in Georgetown, Ontario, in southeastern Canada. With a Canadian mother and a Mexican father (former footballer), the 18-year-old is currently likely to represent those two countries, but may also wear the colors of England during the years he lived on the islands. . Nowadays, He stands alone as the attacking midfielder of the Sub18 Arsenal, One of the teams with the best backwards in the UK (it hurts to put them on stage with West Ham and Chelsea). Although the friendship between the two debuted last December 9th Mexico Y Chile It ended in two, He only watched nine minutes of action, and FIFA allowed him to wear another shirt as it was not an official match..

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“The team has stars [de primer nivel] And with young stars who have been here for a long time. There are footballers like Marcelo Flores who watch this game and may wonder if he wants to play for Mexico or Canada.. That’s what we’re starting to do around the world with these dual passport players, “said Canadian coach John Hertmann. 2-0 win over the United States In Concacaf Qualifications.

On the other hand, Mauro Biello, technical director of North American U-23, was optimistic that Flores’ decision would change. “Marcelo Flores is a player we’ve seen, and we want him to be on the team. This time Canada is interested in him and Canada will do everything it can to integrate him into the team,” he said for a few months. Before.

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Florus, who previously went through Ipswich Town Academy between 2017 and 2019, has signed a contract with Arsenal until mid-2023, although the club have set aside a provision in the contract to renew for two more seasons if they wish. In the current course he has played in 15 games with a total of seven goals and two assists. In the last weeks of December he was promoted to U23, where he wore the Nº10 on his back.

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Canada’s achievement in the CONCACAF qualifiers

In the final round of the Concacaf qualifying round Canada was unbeaten in ten appearances with six wins and four draws. As a result, according to Mr Chip, this is the team with the most undefeated games in the current tournament. In fact, neither Argentina nor Brazil, who have not lost in 14 games, are on par.

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