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Canada approaches World Cup: Ice hockey secrets, where football is now raging

Canada is leading the Concacaf qualifying round and Qatar is one step away from qualifying for the 2022 World Cup (REUTERS / Carlos Osorio).

In Canada, Ice hockey has always been very popular, but in recent years, football is changing it and if the women’s team is the current Olympic champion, The men are approaching to play in the Second World Cup And leads to the final hex Concacaf Ahead of the United States and Mexico.

Canada last qualified for the final hexagonal tournament, qualifying for the World Cup with three teams directly and finishing fourth in the playoffs, in 1998 for France. Campaign, under the technical guidance of English John Hertman, The same one that first won the Amoka on the women’s team.

In October 2012, Honduras defeated him 8-1 to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That is the beginning of falling into a deep well Reached sixteen matches without a win and dropped to 122nd in the FIFA rankings. Things that classify Russia for 2018 by the hand of Ecuador have not improved Octavio Zambrano, Which lasted from March 2017 to January 2018 and after the World Cup After his best time on the women’s team, they decided on Hertman.

Since then, the goal has been to be a competitive team for the 2026 World Cup, in which Canada will share space with Mexico and the United States, but good times are expected and Good results are already beginning to show.Forty, to reach the highest historical level in the FIFA rankings. The Confederations Cup successfully qualified for the 2019/20 Nations League, and in the 2019 Gold Cup it had already reached the quarterfinals and was knocked out by Haiti, who won 2-0 to 3-2, but the main thing is the rise of newcomers who are ready to change the history of the team. Lucas Gavalini, River Plate originator for the Vancouver Whitecaps of Major League Soccer, or Jonathan David, The one who struggles to be the highest scorer in League 1 where they play Lionel Messi, Neymar The Kylian Mbabane, And especially Bayern Munich left back, Alphonse Davis, The true rising star of world football.

Alphonse Davis, Canadian Person (REUTERS / Henry Romero)
Alphonse Davis, Canadian Person (REUTERS / Henry Romero)

Davis was born in a refugee camp in Ghana, his family escaped from the civil war in Liberia, came to Canada at the age of five, settled in Edmonton, and was hired by, after displaying his immense talent in children’s and youth competitions. Vancouver Whitecaps Until July 2018 Bayern Munich Taking him away after paying 10 million euros for his pass is a record for teams Major League Soccer (MLS) In the United States where this team participates.

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David, Lily Striker, landed in Canada after being born into a Haitian family in New York. Chail Lorin, Another member of the Canadian team, of Jamaican descent, while the captain, Adiba Hutchinson (With ninety hats) Trinidadian. The last two plays Besiktas Turkish, giving them an important European experience, steering added Stephen Eustachio (Porto), defenders Steven Vittoria (Morrerence from Portugal), Scott Kennedy (From John Regensburg, Second German) and Donnie Henry (Sowon Samsung Bluewings, from South Korea), Midfielders Harry Patton (Ross Country, Scotland) and Theodore Coirbeen (Wolverhampton) and striker Jr. Hoylett (Cardiff City FC).

“This is a special moment and we are all grateful to be a part of a generation that makes history. We are pleased to be the highest progressive team in the world in 2021“, He told FIFA Kamal Miller, Who was part of the 2-0 win over Honduras last Thursday watching the Concacaf final hemisphere. Ten years later, Canada beat the team 8-1 on home soil.

In the absence of four dates to complete the qualifying round Qatar World Cup 2022, Canada leads with 22 points, both the United States and Mexico with 18 points (three currently advancing to the World Cup), while Panama are in the playoffs with 17 points. “Canada is a sleeping giant. This is the country of hockey – DT agrees John Hertman – But football is a very practical sport and ready to enter the fans. The girls team was very successful, but only now are the boys starting to catch on.”. The English manager won 72 percent of the 36 games he coached. “Canada,” Hertmann insisted in an interview BBC London– This is a country of 40 million people and progress is only a matter of time. This is a country with high immigration, especially Latin Americans or Africans, who are interested in football. The mix of cultures and investment in the sport favored its growth and even surpassed hockey licenses.

Canada beat the United States 2-0 this Sunday (Dan Hamilton-USA Today Sports)
Canada beat the United States 2-0 this Sunday (Dan Hamilton-USA Today Sports)

In this development of Canadian football, the level of coaches should be highlighted (many point to the influence the Spaniards had. Benedict Floro, Former coach of Albacete and Real Madrid (between 2013 and 2016), the level of organizational management and facilities, especially indoors, because the cold months were the hardest and had to be interrupted more than once. But interest did not diminish, but as the chances of qualifying for the World Cup for the second time in history approached (previously Mexico lost all three matches of the group stage against France and Hungary in 1986. and the Union Soviet) increased the number of cities applying for new teams and tickets sold out faster and faster.

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Without going further, against all tickets for the base match Mexico In Edmonton last November, the temperature was below zero and forty-four thousand people celebrated a 2-1 victory at the “Commonwealth Stadium”. Canada defeated the United States 2-0 in another major match at the same venue this Sunday. If the big thing for the Canadian team is to play in the World Cup, that’s important too 2000 Concacaf wins Gold Cup2001 gave him the right to participate in the Confederations Cup in Japan and South Korea, in which he won by nine points against Brazil, tying them 0-0. Even Won the 1985 Concacaf Championship and the 1990 North American Nations Cup. We need to add all of this Two women’s team bronze medals in 2012 and 2016, and gold in Tokyo 2021, Under technical guidance Bev Priestman, Hertman’s heir, whose assistant.

To the writer and podcaster Duan Rollins, Considered a breakthrough in Canadian football’s breakthrough “When MLS came to the country in 2007, in a certain way, it industrialized the entire system and academies began to emerge” and he specifically points to one leader. , Don Carber, The commissioner who brought the American competition to Toronto about fifteen years ago. That situation put an end to what Rollins called the “dark years” and created another rival four years ago Canadian Premier League (CPL), National League since 1992, eight participating teams and purely professional.

“There can be no CPL without MLS,” says Rollins. Since then, more money has been invested It is very noticeable that people are more involved in football”. Most Canadian national team players, in fact, participate in the MLS, where there are three teams from that country, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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The results are visible.

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