March 1, 2024


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President Borick begins tour of Canada and the United States with emphasis on immigration, environment and economy

President Borick begins tour of Canada and the United States with emphasis on immigration, environment and economy

This Sunday at 8:00 pm, the President is thinking about this Gabriel Borick leaves From the 10th Air Force Squadron to Ottawa, he began his first tour outside the region.

His first destination is Canada, where he is scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister this Monday morning. Justin Trudeau, They are then expected to jointly report to reporters. Then he participates in a meeting with the businessmen of that country.

The President will accompany his Economic Minister to the country. Nicholas Gray, And his Chancellor, Antonia UrrezolaAt the same time, in addition, he called on Juan Sudelle, president of the Production and Trade Federation.

After passing through the Trudeau-led country, Borick travels to Los Angeles, California, where he will attend the first multilateral forum since taking office as president. IX Summit of the United StatesIts organizer is the United States.

This Sunday, the senator faced criticism from opposition figures such as UTI, and the president consulted on issues that would indicate his participation in the summit. Ivan MoreraConsidering the security crisis facing the country, he warned that the President should not travel.

Senator Morero recommends that Chile not attend the US summit, which will be attended by representatives of all the presidents or states of the continent, to define and discuss key issues such as food security and how to deal with them collectively. Climate crisisWhat We are promoting democracy As relevant as how we cooperate in our region or challenges Migration crisis And epidemic? I hope this is a short-term view, small, and that it will not fit in with the responsibilities I have as a representative of the state. Chile is an uncertain country in the world“, He responded in the context of World Environment Day.

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In this context, he said, it would seek to lead initiatives for Silicon, among other issues Marine securityIn consultation with Trudeau and his Anti-gun policy. “I told you about the security of the seas, we are going to talk about the policy of disarmament, for example, Canada, in which there has been significant progress (…). , ”Borick stressed.

In addition, with regard to the climate crisis, the President made a response before his visit to the United States Summit, where the issue is expected to be part of the agenda.

“There is one thing that the Minister (Misa Rojas) told me, it made a lot of sense to me, especially in relation to the tour we are about to undertake now. It is true that some countries, especially underdeveloped countries, grew up at the expense of the climate crisis we are experiencing today. But it can lead us to the wrong, to the impulse I say: if you pollute us for so long and turn it into a bag, we can still pollute and improve for another 20 or 30 years and get our batteries from there. “, He said.

He added: “This is a bad way. We have to come first on this channel. I hope we will lead the world in this process from Chile, “he said.” We have no time to wait (…), our country has been hit hard by the climate crisis. That is one of the purposes of the tour, which begins today. “

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In the United States, the head of state is expected to hold various bilateral talks, including that of President Joe Biden; With Alberto Fernandez of Argentina and Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador.

He was accused of disrespecting human rights and democracy and marked the precursor to the US summit by excluding Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. In this context, Chile has had a role to play in convening a forum without exception in recent weeks, but has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent other relevant countries in the hemisphere from withdrawing from the opposition and weakening the summit.

At the multilateral meeting, they acknowledged in government that Frendo Amblio’s introduction would be an opportunity for a presidential war to strengthen “leadership critical of left-wing, democratic and human rights abuses.”