April 24, 2024


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Canada has rejected threats by Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship against interim President Juan Quito.

Dictator Nicolas Maduro again threatened to imprison Juan Quito (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria).

Canada on Sunday rejected repeated threats against Nicolas Maduro’s dictator Juan Quito.It has multiplied in recent weeks amid a recall attempt against the Savista dictator, frustrated by the conditions imposed by the ruling National Election Council (CNE).

“Maduro and his regime’s recent threats to Juan Quito highlight fears about democratic processes in Venezuela.”The Canadian embassy in Venezuela said in a statement released through its social networks.

Justin Trudeau announced that the Government of Canada will continue to put pressure on the opposition in Chavismo and Venezuela. Resume talks in Mexico that have been suspended to “resolve the crisis peacefully.”

Message from the Canadian Embassy against the Venezuelan regime
Message from the Canadian Embassy against the Venezuelan regime

In the last week, Carlos VecchioRecognized by the US Government as the Ambassador of Venezuela, condemned The Maduro dictatorship took “decisive action” to stop Guaidó and other Venezuelan democratic leaders.

“Taking advantage of the fact that the focus of international attention is on the conflict in Ukraine, the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro prepares the ground for the imprisonment of interim President Juan Quito, representatives of the legitimate National Assembly, journalists and social and political leaders who are fighting for democracy and freedom.”The Venezuelan official said in a statement.

“This is not the first time that the dictatorship has used such practices as intimidation, threats and judicial harassment in a similar context, which indicates that these threats need to be taken seriously,” he added.

Brian A. Nichols, And Assistant Secretary of State for Hemisphere Affairs last week condemned the Maduro regime’s threats against Guaidó and the Venezuelan National Assembly. He also pointed out that the dictator “refuses to negotiate again with the political opposition for fear of the will of the people.”

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Said Vecchio Savista leader Diostato Cabello recently showed posters with photos of Quito with the legendary “Wanted”. And a few days later, the “illegal” delegates submitted a letter to the prosecutor’s office urging them to “put an end to justice and impunity against Juan Quito.”

Juan Guido vows dictator Nicolas Maduro fears the will of the Venezuelan people (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)
Juan Guido vows dictator Nicolas Maduro fears the will of the Venezuelan people (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

On the same day, Vecchio adds, Maduro threatens to capture Quito with a phrase referring to Tokoro prison. “Toy thief, you get tokoron”Sang the dictator last Sunday, and sang the chavistas that came with him, referring to Venezuela’s well-known prison.

“Justice and constitutional justice sometimes take time, but it will come, it will come, be sure justice will be here.”The Venezuelan dictator said during the faith march, Chavismo and that part of the tour of Caracas and ended in front of the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

Among the threats against him, Last Wednesday, Guaidó accused the Savista regime of “fearing the will of the people.” To the conditions imposed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to mobilize support for the implementation of the referendum on the withdrawal of Nicolas Maduro from the presidency.

“Today again the dictatorship committed a fraud for fear of the will of the people”Guaidó wrote on Twitter.

“They are a minority and have taken away the referendum event without taking any form. We are going to insist on conditions for free and fair elections where the will of the Venezuelan people is respected, ”said the former head of the National Assembly.

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Due to these conditions, which advertisers described as “buffoonery”, the organizers chose not to call Venezuela for signature collection day, however, some citizens attended.

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