April 17, 2024


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Hockey: Uruguay lost to Canada in the Pan American Finals, but they still made history – Ovation – 08/28/2021

With the great aim of Qualify for the World Cup you have already won, Aiming to win the Uruguay team title Junior Pan American Women’s Hockey It was played in Santiago de Chile, but a 1-0 defeat against Canada prevented the consecration.

Simironcidas played a good game and came up with the only goal of the game in the last quarter, which was the first goal against the girls in the tournament.

It should be noted that the Uruguay road started in a goalless draw against Canada and against Argentina. After beating the United States 1-0 in the semifinals, he entered the definition and qualified for the historic World Cup for the first time.

After the defeat against Canada in the final, Uruguay reached the World Cup, and in South Africa, the United States advanced after winning the third-place World Cup with two North American teams, in addition to the Canadians, as the U.S. vice-champions.

In addition to winning the silver medal in the tournament, Uruguay stood out with individual differences after Victoria Bat was selected as the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

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