July 23, 2024


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There are 500 jobs for Colombians in Canada

There are 500 jobs for Colombians in Canada

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Of the five different trades in the construction industry most sought after by Latin Americans in Canada, there are 500 vacancies announced by the national training service SENA. Ontario would be a city worth visiting. These vacancies offer juicy salaries ranging from eight to fifteen million pesos a month to Colombians who decide to accept.

All offers are available to Colombians who wish to come to Canada with current and sustainable employment. Although it may not be Recently another large company announced that it was looking for job descriptions in Colombia and was not strictly affiliated with the construction industry.

Vacancies are optional Flooring installer, there are 100 vacancies, for which 36 months experience with floor installation and installation of all types of floors are requested; They also ask if it is good for you to have a driver’s license. Salary to be paid to those selected 8 to 10 million pesos They will also be working from Monday to Saturday, the release said.

There is another vacancy Painter in construction, 300 people will be interviewed for this position, but only 100 will go to Canada and earn 8 to 10 million pesos from Monday to Saturday. On demand, they ask if you know how to mix paints to create the desired colors, as well as how to handle the desired technique. Three years of experience requested here.

For a position that does the job of a swinging cabinet maker with a salary of 12 to 15 million pesos Of the 200 people interviewed for the post, 100 have been selected. Requirements Knowledge of cabinet construction and carpentry techniques and installation and construction methods is required.

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For the position of operator of heavy construction equipment A juicy salary 12 to 15 million pesos And 100 people will be involved in construction work in Ontario. Drive a variety of vehicles such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders. It will be a working day from Monday to Saturday, which will be implemented by the electorate.

Construction Crane Operator Vacancy, The prescribed activities will be related to the handling of heavy vehicles. As with the previous post, three years of experience is requested. The 100 people selected will win 12 and 15 million pesos.

All interested parties should register their application on the site of Sena General Employment Agency: www.agenciapublicadeempleo.sena.edu.co. Selecting employees in person or virtual, if selected, they will have to travel to the city, which will be indicated later. Officials reminded that this or any other SENA procedure does not require intermediaries or any fees.

Currently, the Canadian nation is facing an event in its population, most of whom are retiring, and part of the epidemic is shifting all of their work activities to work virtually and from home, for this reason the industrial construction sector needs human workers. . This has become a great opportunity for many Colombians and Latin Americans who do not look for job opportunities in their home countries.

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