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Quebec | Vaccinated father temporarily loses his son’s right to visit Canada | The world

A father He lost the right to see his 12-year-old son in the Canadian province who did not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus and was “opposed to health measures.” , After a judge ruled that it would not be in the “good interest” of the child.

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The decision, announced in the Le Devoir newspaper, was published on December 23 and suspends the father’s right of attendance until February if he is not vaccinated.

This sentence marks the culmination of cases triggered by the Omigron variant: “In the current epidemiological environment it would not be in the best interest of the child to communicate with his father unless he was opposed to protective measures and vaccinated.” .

The lawsuit was settled out of court, with the father requesting an extension of time to visit him on vacation.

The mother objected to the request. He told the court that he had recently discovered that he had not been vaccinated and that his position against health measures published on social networks was substantiated.

Although the child has been vaccinated, the judge noted that “security seems to have been reduced in the face of the Omigron variant currently spreading in Quebec.”

The mother lives in Canada with two children, seven months and four years old, too young to be vaccinated.

“In this case, the judge ruled that the 12 – year – old boy did not want to see his father.

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Although more than 90 percent of Quebec adults have been vaccinated against Govt-19, there has been a sharp increase in cases and hospitals in the province in recent weeks.

To prevent the spread of Omigran, Quebec announced the withdrawal of some restrictions on December 30 at 10:00 pm, including a curfew order and a ban on private meetings.

The French-speaking province will impose a new health tax on those who are not vaccinated in the coming weeks, barring access to already non-essential stores.

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