July 15, 2024


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How much did Sean McVeigh get to stay with the rams?

How much did Sean McVeigh get to stay with the rams?

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Rams coach Sean McVeigh may have told the truth to ESPN’s Adam Scheffer, but McVeigh certainly didn’t tell the whole truth.

Yes, McVay is stay with rams He will not follow TV opportunities. That’s all McVeigh said. But there is a lot to the story. Either Shifter didn’t ask, or he didn’t tell McVeigh.

The truth is, most likely, Schefter caught rumors late Friday that McVay had been paid huge cash to stay with the Rams, and that McVay was willing to provide a disingenuous tacit confirmation of that fact. Paired with a report by Andrew Marchand from New York Post who – which McVeigh was scheduled to meet with Amazon next weekClearly, something happened that made this meeting moot.

There’s definitely something about Rams owner Stan Kroenke that gives McVay a big raise to stay in place.

So, how much? One source familiar with the coaches’ salary market estimates that if a new deal is struck, it will be between $15 million and $18 million a year. With Marchand announcing that Amazon was willing to pay up to $100 million for five years, McVeigh might have gotten more.

For higher-paid coaches, pegging their full pay becomes a difficult proposition. Many get additional salaries from entities other than the team. For example, the official salary of Bill Belichick with the Patriots is well below the full extent of their total package, which is believed to be more than $20 million a year.

Will McVay Make $20 Million or More a Year? Unless McVeigh is willing to hit his chest and tell the world how much he (and others) earn, we’ll never know. Since he chose not to tell Schefter about the new contract McVay received from Kroenke, it’s possible we’ll never know.

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