April 22, 2024


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Immigrate to Canada: Colombians can undertake in that country – International

September 29 at 7 p.m., University of Canada UCW – University West of Canada Holds a free virtual forum for everyone interested in learning about the environment Entrepreneurship On Vancouver.

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It’s about the event Next generation invention, Organized by UCW with the support of the Canadian Colombian Chamber of Commerce, where citizens can learn about opportunities for study and entrepreneurship in that country.

“While it is important to acknowledge existing information about student exchanges, UCW now offers a new feature to consider when choosing a new location in Canada,” they point out on the event’s website.

UCW is a private university located Vancouver, Recognized for its focus on business and innovation in the region of British Columbia, and also offers programs such as business, business communication or bachelor’s degrees Masters degrees In business administration.

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“It is important for us as an educational institution to create value for Latin communities interested in topics such as entrepreneurship, and if they go hand in hand with learning, next-generation innovation participants will have the opportunity to ask for testimony. We hope it’s a rich place, “said Juan Galliano, co-director. Latin America.

The panelists for the event will be Noci’s co-founder Rocio Fernandez; Jaime Morpin Stephen, Chairman of the Talent, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico; Andrea Arnales, Coordinator of Innovation Programs at UCW’s Next Generation Center; And Manuel Keizeto, partner at Leon Holding.

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According to information provided by the event’s organizers, these experts can provide “their knowledge and experience” so that people can join in conversations related to topics such as innovation in the following decades. Business, Innovation Support Organizations, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Latin America and Cooperation and Diversity between Countries in Innovation Processes.

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Those interested in attending the virtual event must pre-register on or off the university website Link.

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