May 30, 2024


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JJ Macias and David Ochoa surprise El Tri against US and Canada – David Metrono


That would be the call for it Gerardo Martino For games against the United States and Canada next week. Jose Juan Macias, Gerardo Ortega, Diego Linnaeus, Eric Gutierrez Kalavis, Rodolfo Pizarro and David Ochoa, who have not played in previous games, will be called up, according to invitations sent by the Directorate of National Teams. MacĂ­as’ case is surprising because he did not go forward in good time and David Ochoa was not officially called up, although he trained for a few days in the Gold Cup. Mexican team. The rest of the calls will be the same as on the previous elimination date, with the case of Alexis Vega out of injury, so coach Rodolfo Pizarro has that in mind.


Concentration for the duels against the United States and Canada will take place in Indianapolis, from where the team will travel by road to Cincinnati a day earlier and face the Americans, then return to Indianapolis on a charter flight from there. Fly to Edmonton the day before the game against the Canadians. Tried before traveling to Canada, but could not find a good court, and decided to stay in Indianapolis. Those summoned from Europe will come directly to the city, while Mexican and trainee staff will be working at the headquarters on Sunday and waiting for the Europeans.

Millionaire penalty

Permission to play two games behind closed doors for the Mexican soccer team means that the federation will stop receiving about 30 million pesos, which is the approximate number used for the national team to play in the city in January and February. Of Guadalajara. There is no way to take them to the city because they are behind closed doors, and they have to be held in the Azteca. Negotiations to take the national team to Guadalajara are so advanced that they are now thinking about the possibility of the women’s team playing one of their eliminator matches in Jalisco next year.

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