July 15, 2024


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The mission tour of the Mexican delegation in Canada is coming to an end

The mission tour of the Mexican delegation in Canada is coming to an end

A team from Secretary of State (SRE) headed by Chairman Division of North America, Roberto ended his trip to Velasco, Canada, where they talked with local officials about opportunities to collaborate on technological development such as competition, migration, the labor movement and the promotion of cultural creativity and innovation.

After moving to Ottawa last week, The The Mexican delegation led by Velasco visited the province of Quebec, He proposed to implement exchange programs on technical issues, with the aim of promoting the integration of North American value chains with greater participation of the particular province.

In Ottawa, Mexico and Canada They discussed the issue of displacement in the region and arms smuggling, In addition to the possibility of expanding vaccine production in both countries, there are other issues such as trade, innovation and mobility.

Among the actions taken by the Mexican delegation in the said region, the Meeting of the Mexico-Quebec Joint Cooperation Committee, In Montreal, in the presence of Deputy Secretary of State Sylvie Barcello and La Francophone of the Canadian Province.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the The celebration of this mechanism was able to define the priorities of the mission with the province of Quebec. 2021-2023 in two years in the fields of economics, investment and trade, research and innovation and education.

“Furthermore, The The meeting allowed the establishment of concrete measures to strengthen Mexico’s relations with the province Ensuring the participation of public and business organizations from Mexico and Quebec in forums dedicated to strengthening productivity and economic ties in Canada, as well as in the interests of both communities, ”SRE said.

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Velasco highlighted Possibility to strengthen the production chains of the regionIncrease competitiveness and take advantage of technological advances in topics such as electric vehicles, battery development, SME strengthening, creativity and better commercialization and the use of artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technologies.

During his visit to Quebec, the division head He also met with Michael LeBlanc, chairman of the Montreal Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The company that was key during the T-MEC negotiation process. The Foreign Ministry said they discussed mutual support strategies to build business seminars and mutual visits to enhance economic exchange and goodwill with the world-leading city of Montreal in the high-tech sector.

Among its other functions, Velasco It also held a working meeting with the main Quebec Pension Fund, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, one of Mexico’s most important and determined long-term investors, confirmed the favorable climate for attracting new investments to the country.

Within the framework of your visit On the other hand, the XVIII meeting of the Mexico-Quebec Working Group was held, This time approved 17 projects in the fields of education, culture, research and innovation. The meeting discussed joint activities related to the promotion and preservation of indigenous cultures, health and mental health, the environment, e-literature or meeting joint challenges.