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Kanye West Donda 2 . Song List

Kanye West Donda 2 . Song List

Kanye Westvery expected Donda 2 The party is in the books.

Earlier tonight (February 22), I performed His new album is a sequel to 2021 Donda, in front of a crowded stadium in LoanDepot Park in Miami. The show consisted of both new and classic songs from the rapper’s catalog.

Twitter account operated by fans yee pictures Tweet live from the event, providing details behind each route taken.

The show began with a temporarily unreleased song titled “True Love” which appeared in the form of a verse after his death from XXXTentacion. (Some people think it was Baby Kim On the right track, but the majority of viewers seem to agree it was an X.)

Next came the song that, according to the list of songs Ye posted last week, was called “Broken Road.” Next was a track that was too auto-tuned and didn’t go along with any of the names on the list.

“I’m Finna Love Me” was the fourth track, bolstered by falsetto tuning and a pulsating bass line.

Next came “Flowers”, which was a key-heavy song with a lead melody that was bouncing intermittently but had the distinct Ye sound.

After this he and . played the gameHe recently released the single “Easy”. The game appeared with the track rang.

Next came ‘Security’, which seemed to address the recent drama with Security in Kim kardashiana house.

Baby Kim And the Migos also appeared.

“Pablo” was played after that and seemed to feature both Travis Scott And the future. This will be Scott’s first new track since Astroworld tragedy In November.

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Future featured in a second song called “Mr. Miyagi”, which may have also appeared in ad-libs from Playboi Carti.

After this he played Kanye Pusha-THis latest single “Diet Coke,” which he helped produce and featured in her music video.

“Louis Bag” came next and appeared as a guest from Jack Harlow.

A third futuristic feature is followed by “Do I look happy?”

Ye used an infamous sample of Kim Kardashian on “Sci Fi” where she referred to him as the greatest rapper of all time And the The richest black man in America.

The ‘selfishness’ that appears to have a second XXXTentacion has been followed up.

This was followed by the plays “Jesus Is King” and “Requiem Aeternam” for my Sunday services.

Two songs from the first Donda Followed by, including “hurricane” with weekend And the Lil Baby and “prison” dababy and Marilyn Manson.

“Lift Me Up”, a new track, with Vory came next, then back to a musical instrument Donda The song “Praise be to God”.

next one, Alicia keys And the Foreign Fivio She appeared as a guest to perform their new song with Ye, “City of Gods”.

Then came another new track, “First Time in a Long Time”, which surprisingly came out Artist Boy Although he and yi modern beef.

Finally, they closed the group with a performance Donda Track Off the Grid with Fvio and Playboi Carti.

Donda 2 It was originally scheduled to be released today (February 22) but the album hasn’t dropped yet. She announced last week that she would It is only available for streaming on its own Steam Player. This sent fans into a frenzy of buying, which, according to Kanye, generated more than $2 million in sales in just days.

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The player allows any user to not only listen to songs, but also customize them. You can isolate the different musical and vocal layers, allowing the user to create their own version. you Currently selling it for $200.

Many aspects of Kanye’s move to release the album solely on his personal platform remain unclear, such as how release sales are recorded by SoundScan. Or if the album is going to live anywhere online, even if it’s outside of traditional streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

This story is being updated.

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