July 15, 2024


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The workers behind Rick, Morty and Solar Obuses are joining unions

The workers behind Rick, Morty and Solar Obuses are joining unions

In the spirit of knowing their worth, the production workers stand behind Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and hollow Solar opposites They are moving to unite the unions.

Tuesday, Animation GuildIATSE Local 839 (TAG) announce That production team for both Rick and Morty And the Solar opposites Owns He petitioned the National Labor Relations Board asking the agency to oversee a vote to decide whether or not show workers would join unions. Delivery time Reports That petition to TAG came after legal representatives for Adult Swim and Hulu clarified that the hardworking was not interested in voluntarily acknowledging the negotiating unit — which consists of storyboard coordinators, production supervisors, and a variety of assistants — in its current form.

In a statement about the studios’ stalling, the bargaining committee noted that its request for voluntary recognition came from “the vast majority of workers” in both chains and that none of the studios responded directly to them about their request.

“Lawyers representing both production companies responded to this request by contacting TAG and stating that the productions’ parent studios, Adult Swim and 20th Century Fox, were not willing to voluntarily acknowledge the entire unit as suggested by The Animation Guild,” the bargaining committee noted.

The Rick and Morty And the Solar oppositesThe employee unionization effort comes at a time when workers across the industry as a whole have been pushing for fairer working conditions and better wages. last year, Negotiations stopped Between TAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for a major new agreement that will set, among other things, new standard pay rates for animated writers and a new compensation structure for broadcast programmes, which are currently treated differently than non-streaming. his peers.

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Interestingly, and in stark contrast to Adult Swim and Hulu, New York City-based Titmouse He has no problem voluntarily admitting The desire of its workers to unite with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh earlier this year. Because of Rick and Morty And the Solar opposites Workers The ones who wanted union in the first place would be the same people involved in the NLRB vote, it certainly seems as if the studios are just trying to delay the inevitable in hopes that everyone will calm down.

But given how workers across multiple industries are coming up with the idea of ​​taking collective action to better protect themselves from corporate exploitation, studios may want to consider meeting people at the table.