April 24, 2024


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Lopez Obrador highlighted the importance of the November 18 meeting with the United States and Canada in Washington.

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President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador Stressed the importance Meeting He is scheduled to meet with the US President next Thursday, November 18. Joe Biden, And the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Led by his traditional morning conference in Hermosillo this Friday, the federal executive chairman explained that he will hold bilateral and tripartite meetings where a number of key issues will be discussed.

“(…) IEconomic integration, contract evaluation (Business), The Migration event Of course, COVID-19 (Vaccines, drugs); There are many themes. They are bilateral meetings and a three-nation summit. We are going to hold bilateral meetings with President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau, and then we will be at the summit with all three of them, ”he explained.

Photo: REUTERS / Thomas Bravo / Archive
Photo: REUTERS / Thomas Bravo / Archive

This meeting convened by President Biden is very important. I have not implemented it for many years and Material is very important to us. We are talking about our neighbor, which has a border of more than 3,000 km. You already know the importance of having good relations with the US government and the Canadian government, and there is a special situation. “

Lopez Obrador insisted There are “unbeatable conditions” in North America To tackle the economic growth of other regions such as Asia.

“This tool has excellent terms, which is the deal, to help us There is prosperity, to re-activate our economy, to create jobs, In the face of the expansion of development in other regions of the world it will not stagnate as a North American region. Because in addition, we As a region we have many positive things. Probably the most important Young, creative staffThat is why the immigration process has to be handled differently, this is my approach because we need staff, ”the Mexican president stressed.

Photos: Reuters // Mexico Presidency
Photos: Reuters // Mexico Presidency

“(…) There can be no economic growth without labor And this work has the same value of a company’s capital. Then We have staffThen we complement each other, because in North America there is technology, there is a short distance without paying a lot of inventory and treasure, which is the domestic market. Imagine how much is consumed in North America. So we guarantee the market for production, so This is a very important issue for Mexico”, He highlighted.

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The President recalled during Vin’s presidency Donald Trump Despite initial opposition, the new agreement was signed.

“(…) The truth is, a lot of progress has been made, A lot has been achieved by signing the contract again. Work done with understanding, The deal with President Trump is so important, it’s not easy Because there were moments Lots of tension at the tableIn the end, an agreement was reached, the essence of which I think the US authorities firmly believe is that they cannot close their economy, ”he said.

Photo: EFE / EPA / Al Drago / File
Photo: EFE / EPA / Al Drago / File

“If you remember, at the beginning of the Trump administration they talked about America for Americans, it should be America for all Americans, but they argued that they should take care of their market and close borders in practice. We did the work of convincing them that America would not grow without North America And we also propose what is best Economic integration As for sovereignty in North America but throughout the United States. Just as the European Community was created and then became the European Union (EU), we must create in the United States (…) and strengthen ourselves as an economic and trade region that values ​​and integrates the sovereignty of all nations. The world, ”he stressed.

Regarding his trip, he pointed out that he would leave the country on the day of his flight to Washington on November 17, but he pointed out that he sees how the transfer will be carried out as there is only one direct flight to the US capital. .

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