July 25, 2024


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Marcelo Flores is ready to attend the call from Canada to learn about the project

Marcelo Flores is ready to attend the call from Canada to learn about the project

The Arsenal footballer’s father has pointed out that other young players have had the opportunity to train with El Tri Mayer and that his son was not considered that dynamic.

Marcelo Flores continues his coaching process at Arsenal, looking for a place in the Gunners first team in the future. At the same time, the young midfielder is considering options to represent national teams in Mexico, Canada or England.

Until now, Flores He has only played in the lower divisions MexicoChoose though Canada Has added it to his initial list Gold Cup.

Marcelo’s father, Ruben Flores, assures his son that he will not make a final decision on the matter, but he will ESPN Who is willing to heed the call of maple leaf selection.

“Canadian coach John Hertmann spoke to him to call me. Unfortunately all of this falls pre-season, I told him, going to the first team today is more important to me than the pre-season to go to a concentration where we don’t know if he’s going to play, and that’s what I do not want. Canada I hugged him and invited him to play only for Canada, with no chance to play anywhere else. The Canadian coach told me that it was not like that and assured Marcelo that he would like to go to a concentration and get to know the players and what they know. Canada Offers him, if he still does not want to play Canada Well, no problem. “

“The coach’s position is that Marcelo should know, so he knows, can make a decision, so far it’s been a promise given to us. Canada He’s calling him, maybe he’s going to a concentration with the senior team, and if he appears there, that does not mean he’s already staying with them, “said the footballer’s father. Arsenal.

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Flores promises that Marcelo will not close the door on the Mexican team, but will admit that they are sometimes underestimated by the triangle.

“Mexico does not run risk because it’s like running to Canada or running to England. It’s about any footballer’s opportunity and dream to play in a World Cup. Marcelo To the U-17 World Cup two years ago Mexico“Why didn’t they take it? Other 2003 type players like him decided not to take it, I don’t understand why, the truth is, the risk is on all sides, they decided not to take it at some point, we as a family, Marcelo As a footballer, you have to make a decision that suits you. “

“I think so Mexico Had the opportunity to do the same Canada He did not, ‘Tata’ conversed with Martino Marcelo Because he knew him, followed him, but now he took many of the boys who trained with Marcelo, both under 17 and under 20, to train with the senior team, and Marcelo didn’t get that opportunity. At some point we will have to see who really gives him that opportunity and I want him to play Mexico But if they do not give him that opportunity, Marcelo may be the best choice to make another decision. We are not in that position at the moment, but we are open for him to test so he can play and play wherever he wants, “he said. Ruben Flores In order ESPN.

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On the other hand, Ruben Flores confirmed that Marcelo’s chance to play for England was not a closed door.

“We have been here for five years England And we have all the documents that can be played in English, which is a fact that the English are also waiting for Marcelo Find out if they are interested in him and I know there is interest from the English team because they always tell us. I meet scouts in sports, people always talk about him, the truth is, the range of opportunities is huge, I believe we should all be very professional and do things better. I think the most important thing to talk about is how to save, keep the money in the bank, you have to save it, you have to keep it, unfortunately we are far away from Mexico, that is the evil we have, but sometimes a call, comment or an opportunity is appreciated by someone It also makes us realize that we are. In some cases they have done it, in others they have not done it, but as football is, they do not bother us, “he said. Flores.

Tatiana, the youngest daughter of the Flores family, will play two friendly matches against England next week, but like her brother Marcelo He has not made a decision about the future of his game at the national team level.