July 25, 2024


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Maxim Chmerkovsky returns to the United States from Ukraine, meets with PETA

Maxim Chmerkovsky returns to the United States from Ukraine, meets with PETA

Maxim Chmerkovsky returned safely to the United States.

Graduate of “Dancing with the Stars” – who has been sent Social media updates From his native Ukraine amid the Russian invasion – romantically reunited with his wife Peta Murgatroyd at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.

The two shared a long, sweet hug in the airport lounge, as seen in the photos taken by the paparazzi.

Murgatroyd, 35, previously asked fans on Instagram to Praying for her husband’s safe return.

“I don’t usually order these things from my social network, but today is really hard and the next few will be even harder”, wrote last week.

“My pain is overwhelming and I suffer, but sending your positive light and your love to him will mean the world to me. Truly, I wish no more.”

Murgatroyd continued his career and urged fans to “please come home soon”.

“Please pray for him to have a quick and safe exit. I have faith. I have hope and I have prayed hard.” Please pray for Ukraine and the innocent civilians whose lives are being massively uprooted. I have grown to love this country the times I have visited and they are in a situation Unfathomable.”

Maxim Chmerkovsky and Peta Murgatroyd
The two shared a sweet hug during their romantic reunion at LAX.
London Entertainment/Shutterstock

As Page Six previously reported, Chmerkovskiy, 42, was abroad to serve as a judge for the Ukrainian version of “World of Dance” while Murgatroyd was in Los Angeles with their 5-year-old son Shai.

The former mirror ball champion started posting videos from Ukraine during the invasion, and went on to document his journey while trying to escape.

“[There’s] Lots of fighting all around. The streets are crazy. I was arrested once. …But all the best, he promised,” Chmerkovsky said in one of his videos. “It was perhaps the least shocking moment in this whole thing regarding Ukraine, but for me, it was a reality check.”

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On Monday, Chmerkovskiy Share another updateto inform fans that he was able to safely get on the “train” outside Ukraine and make it to Poland.

“We’re headed to Warsaw (hopefully). A train to Lviv wasn’t an option. The situation at the train station is crazy,” he explained. “At first it seems manageable, but it gets a lot worse when it’s time to actually get on the train.”