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Samuel L Jackson knows he should have won an Oscar for Pulp Fiction

Samuel L Jackson knows he should have won an Oscar for Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction
screenshot: Miramax

Samuel L. Jackson has already appeared in a lot of movies before Pulp FictionBut it was the movie that changed his career. He was so great in Quentin Tarantino’s as hitman Jules — with one of the most iconic films of all time, to boot — that he earned an Oscar nomination in 1995 for Best Supporting Actor.

But he did not win. While that, Martin Landau won the award for his role in Tim Burton Ed Wood As Count Dracula, Bela Lugosi. To this day, this is the only time that Jackson has been nominated for an Academy Award, despite receiving an Honorary Academy Award this year.

In an interview with timeshe admits he still thought he should have been the one to take the shiny bald man home Pulp Fiction.

“I should have won this,” he told interviewer Jonathan Dean. He also says he thought he should have been nominated for his role in Gator Purify Forest fever. Ignored, Harvey Keitel and Ben Kingsley received Nominations for their supporting roles in Bugsi While that.

“My wife and I went to see Bugsi,” he says. “Damn it! They were nominated and I didn’t? I think black folk usually win for doing shit on screen. like denzel [Washington] For being a terrible cop on training day. All the cool stuff he’s done in raising roles as Malcolm X? No – we’ll give it to that fucker. So maybe I should have won one. But the Oscars don’t move the comma on the check — it’s about getting seat butts and I’ve done a good job at doing that.”

Jackson It also touches on whether or not Spider-Man: There is no room for home It should be nominated for an Oscar. Kevin Smith went all out for Brodie in February, He says in his podcast Fat man afterwards That the latest Spider-Man movie should have received a Best Picture nomination. “They’ve got 10 slots, can’t they give one for the biggest fucking movie, like, the last three years?” Asked. This sparked a broader discussion about which films deserve an Academy Award nomination.

Though Jackson doesn’t seem to think No Way Home should merit a Best Picture nomination, he does think there should be a category where similar movies would fit. “They should have an Oscar for the most popular movie, because that’s what the business is about.”

He says No Way Home should’ve been nominated because it “did what movies did forever—it got people to a big dark room.”

There were plans to receive an Oscar for Outstanding Achievement in a Popular Film again in 2018but after Lots of backlash Of those who felt that blockbuster films should not be recognized simply because they bring in big bucks, the Academy backed down and I left the idea on the shelf.

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