July 15, 2024


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Mexico and Canada hope to launch a traffic rules committee against the United States

Mexico and Canada hope to launch a traffic rules committee against the United States

Mexico City /

Holder Ministry of Economy (SE), Tatiana Claudier, He assured that they are working to find the “precise” moment to start a team with Canada. D-MEC, To resolve the vehicle collision between them USA, Advice on resolving disagreements is not effective.

When he appeared before the United Economic Commission, Improving trade and competitiveness, the socio-economy and the co-operation of the House of Representatives, The officer recalled that was one of those processes D-MEC, Which, while unsatisfactory, came from “following” the United States’ interpretation of their non-acceptance of the negotiations.

“Right now we are about to start, or move on to the next stage, which is the team, and we are working hand in hand with these departments, We work hand in hand with Canada, We are on time to see what the exact moment is, to start the team, and we are going to defend the interests of our nation, ”he stressed.

The official said the North American government has misinterpreted the Mexican and Canadian position Vehicle rules in the mix of vehicles.

“He was part of our visits to the United States, we talked to the managers about what they told us They have no political place, they never talk to us about technical issues and D-MEC is a technical issue, not a political issueThe representative of the Central Government promised.

With this in mind, he pointed out that he has decided to talk not only with auto parts and automakers, but also with governments in Canada and manufacturers in the United States and Mexico. Develop an attitude and remember the T-MEC’s negotiation process as advice.

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