April 13, 2024


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Mexico, the United States and Canada recognize a health epidemic due to armed violence

Mexico City /

Mexico, the United States and Canada acknowledge that the region is experiencing a “public health epidemic of armed violence.” Due to the diversion of guns to illegal markets.

In Joint Report of North American LeadersThe three countries pledged to have a joint and concerted approach to protect the people from the ill effects of illicit drugs and arms smuggling.

We are experiencing the public health epidemic of gun violence, Guns are part of the diversion to illegal markets. For example, hundreds of thousands of guns pass through Mexico each year, improving transnational criminal systems and causing irreversible damage to society, ”the document said.

Faced with this situation, all three countries are determined to move forward Addressing these issues through a drug-related dialogue to be held in 2022.

The opioid crisis worsened during epidemics and L.A.He said overdose deaths in North America were on the rise all the time, For example, there are nearly 100,000 deaths for this cause in the United States and 7,000 deaths in Canada due to overt toxicity, which “increased 88 percent in the same period before the epidemic.”

With regard to relocation, they pledged to address the root causes of the event and to invest in the region, prioritizing development cooperation to create economic opportunities for all. The labor movement seeks to encourage regular migration routes through programs, especially in the agricultural sector. Including the idea of ​​collaborating to create a dialogue to share lessons learned from expansion plans, best practices and temporary work visa programs.

“We support multilateral efforts to improve value chains and physical infrastructure on the American continent that create employment and equal growth. We are committed to helping other countries respond better to natural disasters, To address organizational challenges and reduce food insecurity, ”he added.

The remaining topics focus on Govt-19, Climate Crisis and Competitiveness.

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