April 13, 2024


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Canada searches Mexican butcher shops: pays 46,569 pesos a month

(Photo: REUTERS / Jason Lee)

Canada Newly posted Job opportunity To Mexican workers. You need this time Butcher shopkeepers Minimum of six months experience and net salary in Intermediate English and selected person 46,569 paise.

Vacancies are published through the employment portal of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) There are constant calls from the Mexican government to work abroad. The Canadian company offers a fixed term contract with legal benefits.

The butcher asked at least Six months experience. You need to be in Intermediate English to have conversations with clients, ”says the job description.

Applicants need to know How to prepare meat, With the bone, make incisions, cut it into pieces with a saw and hand, shape it and grind it; Except for cooking fritters. The selected person will work “some days” from 07:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Saturday.

The offer is valid until Friday January 28 2022. We explain everything you need to know to apply.

What are the requirements?

* Technical Secondary.

* Six months to one year experience as a butcher table maker.

* Knowledge of warehouse reviews is required to maintain the availability of meat. The applicant should have six months to one year experience in this type of work.

* Respect health and hygiene standards.

* Specialist in fractures.

* Intermediate English knowledge.

(Photo: REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)
(Photo: REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)

What functions will the selected person create?

The selected candidate should perform the following tasks:

– Clean utensils and work surfaces.

– Maintain good communication with colleagues and customers.

– Prepare orders based on customer request.

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– Prepare the meat, cut into slices, bones, pieces with a saw and hand, mold and grind, fry.

What skills should the candidate have?

In addition to six months’ experience as an Intermediate Englishman and Butcher, a candidate who knows how to work in a team must demonstrate consistent skills, such as a determined worker who can withstand pressure. And communication.

(Photo: EFE / EPA / Vickie Flores)
(Photo: EFE / EPA / Vickie Flores)

How to sign up for the offer?

There will be vacancies until next Friday, January 28th. After that date, recruiters will evaluate the applications received and select applicants for the next phase of the process.

Professionals wishing to submit their candidature should log in by clicking on the STPS Employment Portal Here. After this, you have to click on the legend they tell “Postulate”. If they have not yet created an account, they will need to complete an email and password registration. This will allow them to add their personal and professional data, upload the application and apply for the vacancy.

In addition, there is an open job opportunity in Canada at this time “Freight Transport Mechanic Assistant”. They must have at least three years of verifiable experience and have knowledge of things like Kenworth trucks. They pay a salary of 38,000 paise. This offer is valid until January 22, 2022, and you can view all information by clicking Here.

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