July 25, 2024


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Ticket sales for the fight between El Salvador and Canada have begun

Ticket sales for the fight between El Salvador and Canada have begun

The Salvador Football Federation Against this day confirmed the start of ticket sales for next month’s match against Canada, Octagonal, and can be purchased electronically this afternoon.

Prices for the February 2 meeting and game at 8pm are usually $ 10, $ 15 in the shade, $ 25 at the stand and $ 40 at the stalls.

Louis Perez, The FESFUT secretary confirmed that there has been a decline in prices compared to other octagonal competitions, recalling that this year there will be only two local competitions for blue and white.

The price has been reduced taking into account the cost of the fans. It depends on us because we only have two games this year“, he said.

Tickets can be purchased through the Hugo App this Friday from 4pm and through the Hugo Do Go Stores from Monday.

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