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Barbara de Regil suffered a tachycardia in a helicopter during her vacation in Canada

Photo: Instagram barbaraderegil

Barbara de Regil He surprised his social media followers with some details of his recent vacation Canada. With some fear, the actress enjoyed the cool terrain from above, suffered a cut in the fall and lost her possessions shortly after returning to Mexico City.

The protagonist was just the beginning of last week Rosary scissors Traveled to North America with Fernando Schoenwald, Mar de Regil Y Gabriela Alfaro. According to the actress’ Instagram stories, family vacation is possible because it is a gift from her husband.

The actress has shared details of her vacation in Canada

After coming to Canada, Barbara de Regil did not hesitate to share some of her experiences with more than 8 million followers. From the beautiful landscapes to the occasional accidents, the actress pointed out how much she enjoyed her well-deserved rest.

A few hours ago, the translator created a dynamic of questions and answers in his stories, where his fans inquired about certain events during the holidays. In her response to Brbara de Regil, she explained why she considered this event the first time she had ever touched the snow.

“It was a long time ago, when I was 4 years old. I have photos, but I do not remember, so it is not worth it. It never caught my attention, I was a beach person, but a few years ago I already wanted to come, “he wrote of a video where he threw snowballs.

(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)
(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)

The protagonist of Crazy at work He also uploaded a photo taken after falling down from a snowmobile. The Mexican actress was hiking with her mother Gabriela Alfaro when they were involved in an accident and fell to the ground, fortunately the mother and daughter continued to enjoy their walk without injury.

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However, not only did the translator fall during his vacation, as he explained, it was five times: “Three skis, one I slipped on because it was icy on the ground, and the other was on a motorcycle with my mom”. Despite the attention, Barbara de Regil suffered a minor cut to her leg when she stumbled down a street.

He enjoyed one of those awkward moments of having to go to the bathroom while on the mountain. The Mexican woman explained that the toilets in the area had no pipes and were filled with snow, so she did not know what to do.

(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)
(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)

Tensions ran high when Barbara de Regil had the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape of the place from above. The family boarded a helicopter for a ride, apparently none of the members were scared, but within seconds of starting the step, the actress had tachycardia and gradually calmed down with the help of her mother.

Sorry, there was tachycardia on top of the helicopter […] And what’s more, Fer took this photo lol My mom tells me: ‘Breathe, breathe Barbara’. But the scene was beautiful. “Frankly, the actress wanted to do one To live To show the spectacular scene on Instagram, but could not due to his episode.

(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)
(Capture: @ barbaraderegil / Instagram)

Without further ado, the holidays continued, with Barbara de Regil returning home a few hours earlier. After she arrived at Mexico City International Airport, the translator forgot one of her suitcases on campus, so she had to return at dawn, and fortunately found it.

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They told me that a woman had given my suitcase to the police They took her to the lost items. My laptop was there too. ”

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