June 12, 2024


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Mexico, USA and Canada are reviewing progress in T-MEC implementation

Mexico, USA and Canada are reviewing progress in T-MEC implementation

Representative cUS Deputy Secretary of Commerce Jaime White, Mexican Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Luc Maria de la Mora and Canadian Deputy Minister of International Trade David Morrison discussed the issue. Progress on issues raised in January during the first meeting of the Under-Secretaries USMCA.

In this sense, Ambassador White reiterated its importance Implementation of an agreement prohibiting the importation of goods produced with compulsory laborAnd outlined the effort taken to demonstrate concrete mechanisms for implementation before the next meeting of the T-MEC Free Trade Commission (FTC).

He also stressed that Importance of cooperation in the T-MEC Environment Group, Discussions in the Working Group on Cooperation in Agricultural Biotechnology to Ensure the Approval of Scientific and Risk Based Regulatory Approaches and Agricultural Biotechnology Products in Agriculture.

“And the team needs improvement State-owned companies of T-MEC, Including energy policies that promote competition and respect investor rights, ”explains the United States Office of Trade (USTR, abbreviation).

He highlighted that One of the objectives of this meeting is to review progress in implementation Issues of the T-MEC: compulsory labor, accreditation of agricultural biotechnology products, advancement of the Environment Committee, pursuit of negotiations and extension of responsibilities at the sub-federal level of state-owned enterprises and designated monopolies.

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In addition, the Labor development under the Competitiveness chapterThe establishment of a tripartite protocol for the continuation of essential supply chains and preparations for the second meeting of the T-MEC Free Trade Commission will take place in Canada in July 2022.

At the end of the meeting, The The officers reaffirmed their commitment to maintain a continuous dialogue To strengthen production integration and competitiveness in North America. In addition, they agreed to meet within the framework of the T-MEC SME Group, which will take place in April in San Antonio, Texas.