June 12, 2024


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Minem to lead Peruvian delegation to PDAC 2022 World Mining Summit in Canada |  News

Minem to lead Peruvian delegation to PDAC 2022 World Mining Summit in Canada | News

Energy and Mining Minister Alessandra Herrera Zara will chair the Peruvian delegation to the PDAC 2022, the world’s largest meeting dedicated to mineral exploration in Toronto, Canada from March 13 to 15.

The main objective of this delegation is to attract more investments to Peru, mainly in the field of mining, which is to practice modern, sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly model.

The country currently has a portfolio of 63 research projects with a global investment of $ 586 million in 17 regions, and an additional $ 53,168 million with a portfolio of mining construction of 43 projects.

Peru continues to be a global indicator of the mining industry and one of the recipients of investment to make responsible use of Peru’s geographical potential. It is the first Latin American manufacturer of tin and lead, the second world producer of nothing. Is the second largest producer of copper and zinc and of silver, gold and molybdenum in Latin America.

In these ways, the 2030 vision of Peruvian mining, promoted by MINEM and proposed by the Center for Good Mining and Energy Practices (RIME), concludes that this activity should be integrated socially, ecologically and regionally, within a well-managed environment. And sustainable development, which must be integrated into a competitive and innovative process and valued by the community as a whole.

Great day at PDAC

Among the activities that will be created by PDAC 2022 is the Big Day presentation, a space dedicated to our country, where there will be conferences, panels and presentations led by investors, businessmen, representatives of the Peruvian government and organizations related to the economy. Department.

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At the event, scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, Minister Alessandra Herrera will speak on the challenges, perspectives and opportunities of Peruvian mining. When Economic Affairs Minister Oscar Graham submitted his article, he asked, “What awaits big investors? Outlook for the Peruvian Economy 2021-2026 ”.

Meanwhile, Julio Velarde, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Peru, will discuss the myths and facts of the Peruvian economy.

The Canadian Association of Prospectors and Developers (PDAC) is a Canadian organization that organizes this new edition live (and from June 28 to 29) with the participation of more than 25,000 entrepreneurs from 135 countries, mining investors and the world’s largest. Executives of mining companies specializing in mineral research.