June 23, 2024


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More than 3,000 abandoned BMW and MINI cars were found in Canada

It’s like a science fiction movie or reality after an epidemic that has spread around the world leaving thousands of desolate places. They found more than 3,000 cars BMW And Mini In a large barren land Canada.

This is the third discovery in China in the last two months. First, in July, Thousands of electric cars appearedIn August They found several luxury cars abandoned in one field.

It is possible to add another precursor in more recent but lesser quantities, even in recent times A collection of 174 abandoned classic cars was auctioned off after being found in an old barn From the United Kingdom.

Cars have been forgotten in the open for 6 years.

The case of more than 3,000 cars found in Canada is of interest because they carry Abandoned for more than 6 years In inaccessible terrain on the outskirts of Vancouver.

What happened

As described on the Instagram account supercar.failes (Spanish, super car failures) There were vehicles Exposed to sea salt and moisture Longer than they arrived at Halifax Harbor in February 2015.

That was not enough, and then a severe blizzard approached them Large amount of damage, Especially on electrical circuits, motors and steering racks, the German brand canceled them directly.

Cars have significant engine failures.

Cars have significant engine failures.

According to the pictures taken Super. Failures You can see that they are new vehicles, although they have been somewhat degraded from the open air for a long time.

In this cemetery of luxury cars you can find the full range of cars of both brands. In the case of BMW: from the models Series 3, X1, X2 And X4 Up to one M6, And a i8Hybrid sports car from German manufacturer. Although a variant created by a German manufacturer that attracts more attention due to its uniqueness Albina.

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Mini is not far behind: Cooper, Clubman and Countryman, can trade to build a fleet Million dollars. However, their goals seem to be written: for the unarmed.