June 13, 2024


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Nope final trailer

Not what you think…

As promised, the final trailer for Jordan PeeleThe third horror movie no It has arrived, and it’s loaded with all kinds of new picks and extra story excitement.

The good news? Even with this new 3 minute final trailer, it’s still hard to know *exactly* what no About, the trailer explains, “It’s not what you think…”

All we know is that something appears in the sky above a farm in the middle of nowhere, with Daniel Kaluuya And the Kiki PalmerThe characters hope to make it big by capturing “undeniable evidence of aliens on camera”. Of course, whatever the case, there may not actually be aliens – and knowing Jordan Peele, there may be something else going on here.

watch the no One last trailer below, along with a modified international trailer!

It will be released worldwide no in theaters in July 22 2022. The film has been referred to in official press materials as a “new popular nightmare” and a “large-scale horror epic”.

In the film, “the residents of a lonely gulch in inner California who bear witness to a supernatural and horrific discovery.”

Daniel Kaluuya (Get out) will re-interact with Peele in the mystery movie, including the actors as well Stephen Young (“The Walking Dead”, Chaos) And the Kiki Palmer (“Scream”). Michael Wincott (the crow), Barbie Ferrera And the Brandon Perea star too.

no It is part of an “exclusive five-year production partnership” Universal Pictures has signed with Peele and Monkeypaw Productions, and has been described as a “horror event”. Keep in mind that anything from Peele at this point is an instantaneous event, but we can probably anticipate it no To be Peele’s biggest film to date, with an announced IMAX improvement. On this note, the cinematographer of the film is Hoyt van Hoytemawhich includes his previous work Let the right to oneAnd the ghostchristopher nolan movies InterstellarAnd the DunkirkAnd the tenet.