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Disappointing photos show what it was like to visit London during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee holiday

Disappointing photos show what it was like to visit London during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee holiday

Photo of the royal family on the palace balcony taken by a professional photographer, left, and photo by Mikhaila Friel from Insider.Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Michael Friel/Insider.

  • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which marked the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne, was held last weekend.

  • This achievement was marked by festive events throughout London.

  • I attended many events and found that the reality was not as it appears on social media.

On the first weekend of June, thousands of people from all over the world flock to London, UK, to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee, which marked the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

London map

The platinum jubilee celebration was held in the British capital, London.Google Maps / Sketch

I was in town from Wednesday 1 June until Sunday 5 June to cover Jubilee from the inside. While the trip was amazing, I saw another perspective that wasn’t shown on social media or TV.

Michael is in the forces

Michael in Trooping the ColorMichaela Friel / Inside

The first event I attended was Trooping the Color parade on June 2. A procession of royal horses, soldiers and musicians took place at Buckingham Palace Mall and was followed by the appearance of members of the royal family on the palace balcony.

The royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace watching a Royal Air Force plane.

The royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace watching a Royal Air Force plane.Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The show was open to the public. The road to Buckingham Palace was understandably congested and roads were cordoned off as people made their way to the palace.

Soldiers of color

Walk to Buckingham Palace Mall on Buckingham Palace Road.Michaela Friel / Inside

Hundreds of people made their way through nearby St James’s Park two hours before the event was scheduled to start.

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St. James Park

The crowd in St James’ Park is heading to the mall.Michaela Friel / Inside

I finally got to the parade route at The Mall, a street that starts at Buckingham Palace and ends at Trafalgar Square.

troop color path parade

View of the Buckingham Palace Shopping Centre.Google Maps / Sketch

Some people brought benches to help them see the massive crowds, and I wish I had thought of the idea myself.

colorful crowd crowd

People stood on benches to see the crowds.Michaela Friel / Inside

Others brought chairs to make themselves comfortable while waiting for hours.

color parade crowd

People sitting on chairs in the parade of the colorful air force.Michaela Friel / Inside

When the show started at 10am, some people didn’t even try to see the crowds and instead chose to sunbathe on the nearby lawn.

Soldiers of colors paades

Some people didn’t even try to see the crowds.Michaela Friel / Inside

I found a spot at the end of the parade route, and I had a pretty clear view at first.

troop color path parade

My view of the itinerary.Michaela Friel / Inside

When members of the royal family appeared in carriages, it was extremely difficult to see all the camera phones in the sky.

When the show ended, the barriers in the mall were removed and everyone was invited to Buckingham Palace to view the flyover.

Buckingham Palace recruits color

My view of Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

Watched the royal family from the balcony. My view of them has been partially hampered since the stage was built for the Platinum Gala, scheduled for later this weekend.

The balcony of the royal family's palace

The royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

I felt sorry for the tourists who may have seen the palace for the first time that day, as it was so busy that you couldn’t even take a picture without being bombarded.

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Michaela Friel at Buckingham Palace

Michaela Friel at Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

Later that evening, a lighthouse-lighting ceremony was held at Buckingham Palace.

beacon lighting

Lighting the lighthouse at Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

The palace was cordoned off and manned by security guards because the event was not open to the public.

Buckingham Palace is closed

The grounds of Buckingham Palace were closed to the public throughout the weekend.Michaela Friel / Inside

The palace was off-limits for most of the weekend. On several occasions when I tried to stop and take a picture, security urged me to “keep moving”.

The palace is surrounded

The palace was cordoned off most of the weekend.Michaela Friel / Inside

On June 3, portraits of the Queen were shown to the palace. While this was a great sight, the palace was still partially surrounded and you couldn’t walk yet into the mall before security stopped it.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s portraits were shown at Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

On June 4, the BBC’s Platinum Gala was held at the Palace. The concert at Buckingham Palace saw artists such as Alicia Keys, Quinn and Adam Lambert appear on stage.

The concert was open to those who won tickets on the general ballot. For non-ticket holders, a small parade took place in nearby St James’s Park.

St James's Garden Examination

A tree obstructed the platinum party display at St James’s Park Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

There was also the option to watch from the mall. While the atmosphere was electric, it was impossible to see.

Palace mall party

Hundreds of people went to the mall to catch a glimpse of the platinum party.Michaela Friel / Inside

The surrounding area was packed with royal fans, security guards and large groups of police officers on duty.

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Buckingham Palace police officers

Police officers at Buckingham Palace.Michaela Friel / Inside

And not only was the palace occupied during the jubilee holiday. The whole city was crowded.

The Ritz Hotel

The Ritz Hotel in London.Michaela Friel / Inside

There were big lines at metro stations.

This was particularly the case in central London after major royal events, such as Piccadilly Circus station after the Platinum Concert. I felt bad for the Londoners who worked in the area trying to go home.

Piccadilly Circus Station

Piccadilly Circus Station.Michaela Friel / Inside

The two things I was guaranteed to see every day were crowds of people and Union Jack flags.

London during the Queen's Jubilee Holiday

London during the Queen’s Jubilee Holiday.Michaela Friel / Inside

Overall, Jubilee Weekend was amazing – but it also taught me that you shouldn’t always trust what you see on TV or social media.

Michael at St Paul's Cathedral, London

Michael in St Paul’s Cathedral, London.Michaela Friel / Inside

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