April 22, 2024


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Panama is seeking at least a draw on a tough visit to Canada

After beating the United States for the first time in the World Cup qualifiers, Panama wants to capture at least one point in the direct qualifying zone when it comes to Qatar on Wednesday, the sixth day for Canada to Canada.

The Panamanians celebrated their 1-0 victory over the Americans in earnest on Sunday, the same day they celebrated the fourth anniversary of their first qualification for the World Cup. But they immediately began to think about the fierce confrontation in Toronto against Canada, which was a selective defeat from Mexico to Etagonal.

Mexico is in first place with 11 points, Panama is in third place with eight, the same number of units as the United States, which surpassed the goal difference. They are followed by Canada (7), Costa Rica (6), El Salvador (5), Honduras (3) and Jamaica (2).

A draw will keep the Panamanians in the top three regardless of other results.

On their last trip to Canada for the World Cup qualifiers, Brazil went to 2014 and Panama lost 1-0 to the North American team, which has changed a lot since then. The Canadians, their stars Alfonso Davis (Bayern Munich) and Jonathan David (Lilly) are among the candidates winning one of the three live tickets. Leaving the fourth continent the continent goes to the playoffs.

“It will be a tough game,” admitted Panamanian winger Caesar Janis of Real Zaragoza, Spain ‘s second division. “Canada is a powerful, fast team and we will act on that basis.”

Panama had a promising start from the hands of Danish-Spanish coach Thomas Christensen, however they fell 1-0 on the road to El Salvador before their huge victory over the United States.

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Canada (1-1) and Jamaica (0-0) drew their last three games, beating El Salvador 3-0 at home. Two more home games will take place after their clash against Panama against Costa Rica and Mexico in November.

“Of course if there is one game we have to win to set the course, it’s this,” said Canada’s head coach, Canada’s English coach John Hertmann. “It’s a game worth six points for where we are, but, most importantly, for me to calculate Panama’s final position. He’s one of the main contenders in the top three.”

“They are a very compact team. They have experienced experienced players,” he added of the Panamanians. “It’s a team that knows how to respond on the court.”