April 22, 2024


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Panama suffered a major setback during its visit to Canada

Elijah Tune

Panama Faced Canada’s fastest and most dangerous choice for the sixth date Playoffs Road Qatar 2022 And ours was defeated in the BMO field.

Led by Thomas Christiansen, Qatar fell to a hard-fought 4-1 defeat at the end of this three-time playoff date leading up to 2022. Our security was very distorted and weak.

Canada has on several occasions counter-attacked Panama in a defensive manner. Image of Alfonso Davis of Bayern Munich

Minute of Canada-Panama on the way to Qatar 2022

Canada starts by holding the ball with a short touch from their own court.

Panama catches the ball in the 4th minute of the game.

GOOOAAL, Amir Murillo assist and ‘Toro’ Blackburn scored in the 5th minute of the match.

Canada hit the pace and put pressure on Panama after 7 minutes of play.

In a difficult game at 15 ‘, Kodoi suffered a head-on collision for a few minutes. The Panamanian captain gradually returned to the match.

Alfonso Davis with his speed endangers our area that resisted the Canadian attack.

Davis is back, now with a shot from outside the area, but in the end he rejects the handcuffs.

Canada attack with crosses from set pieces, 3 corner kicks in a row and finally Canada scored 28 ‘in 1-1 minute.

The ball hits Michael Amir Murillo and goes down.

Panama recaptures the ball and is immediately put under pressure by Canada. Ours on the pitch did not seem comfortable.

Panama is looking for her for the offense and won the kick in the corner.

Pushing the corner between Canadians and Panamanians.

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Canada controls and attacks Panama at the start of the second half on the BMO field.

Three transformations by Thomas Christensen for Panama.

Alfredo Stephens, Armando Cooper and Caesar Blackman enter Panama

Alberto Quintero, Rolando Blackburn and Jose Luis Rodriguez were out.

Panama is beautiful and Cooper and Christian Martinez join. After 64 minutes of playing ours controls the ball.

Alfonso Davis scored twice on the BMO field and Canada won 3-1.

Panama is disorganized and Canada is in favor of 4-1.

Jonathan David scored for the Canadians.

The Panama Knockout game ends unbalanced on the defensive side and without many ideas about crime.

Freddie Gondola enters 85 ‘for the last change from Thomas Christiansen.

Panama could not beat Canada and beat BMO 1-1 on the field.